Stink Panther Steals Frozen Steak From New Bedford Pizza Shop, Comes Back To Assault Owner Before Fleeing


A burglar snuck into Genoa’s Pizza in New Bedford on Friday to steal some frozen steak from the kitchen, then decided to come back through the front door to pick a fight with the guy who was working there and punch him in the face because…New Bedford.

That place must be make really good steak and cheese for the Stink Panther to put that much effort into acquiring it. This wasn’t some spur of the moment thing either. He plotted this criminal masterpiece out for weeks, he knew exactly where to find the frozen steak, and he played ratchet frogger to get there.

I can smell the Axe body spray (a New Bedford shower) from here.

He could’ve taken boxes of stuff, but he was there for the frozen steak and the frozen steak alone, because that’s the kind of priorities you have when you wear flat brimmed Yankees hats and look like the poster child for overdue child support.

For some reason he decided to go back in the front door, almost as if he was offended by how easily he got away with his crime.

It just didn’t feel right unless he punched the store owner in the face and ran away like the cockroach he is.

Of course this douche canoe is well known to the NBPD too. Meet Tate Taylor.

He’s “self made,” which means he stole that shirt from Marshalls and was gonna finish up his GED but decided to put rims on his Honda Civic instead.

The Stink Panther almost always has active warrants out for his arrest and likes to play hide and go seek with police all over the south coast.

Unfortunately for him he has yet to steal shampoo or conditioner and is an extremely recognizable criminal, so they find him pretty easily when he’s hiding under cars. Then again, something tells me he likes to get caught.


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