Stoneham Divorce Attorney Wants Non-Essential Parents Fined For Allowing Their Kids To Play Basketball In Public


A Stoneham woman bravely came forward yesterday and reported seeing 6-10 youths playing basketball outside.

Boys playing basketball? In public?

Oh. My. God.

We are all literally going to die.

Thank you for your service Colleen. I am officially knighting you town Karen.

The boys were not using separate balls either. They all touched the SAME basketball, so now they all have it and they’re all going to go home and hug Grandma in her bunker and then she will die too. Luckily when their parents go to the grocery store or Walmart they touch shopping carts and other groceries that have never been touched by anyone else. Walmart isn’t dangerous – kids playing basketball is.

Colleen Hunt (to make things easier we will call her Chunt) appears to be childless. Nevertheless, she is an expert in parenting and knows how easy it is to keep kids locked up in a house for six weeks going on forever. After all, she watched every season of This Is Us and it looks easy enough for Randall and Beth. Just throw them in front of an iPad and the rest should take care of itself. This isn’t difficult.

Chunt is the face of every woman who has spent their entire life enforcing rules, and has never had this amount of power before.

Her favorite day of every school year was the first day because that was the day the teacher explained the rules. When the teacher forget to collect the homework, she reminded them. When she goes over the speed limit while driving she self-reports to the police. There is nothing women like Chunt more than creating and enforcing new rules.

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She also wants the government to begin ticketing parents when their crotch fruits don’t follow the rules. Sure, many of them have been forced out of work by the government and are on the verge of becoming destitute, but that doesn’t mean the government can’t take another steamy dump on them by forcing them to pay money for being free people living in a free country.

What does Chunt do for work anyway?

She’s a divorce attorney of course. And it just so happens that divorces in China rose dramatically as a direct result of lockdowns. It’s almost as if she has something to gain here.

At first it seemed like Chunt’s narcing would be well received.

Because we are living in a snitch culture now where every Karen with a Facebook filter and a hyphenated last name has appointed themselves a deputy COVID gestapo. What better way to fund the new high school than to add a freedom tax for people who refuse to be prisoners in their own homes? What’s more American than allowing a woman named Kelley to tell you that protesting is no longer acceptable? If only the British knew it was this easy. Just ban protesting and the peasants can’t revolt.

Then out of nowhere a brave person came forward and said what millions of people are starting to realize but few will say publicly for fear of Chunt and the Karens.

Amen sister!

These self-absorbed narcissists should be called out for not minding their own business. The fact that they feel empowered to do this instead of embarrassed is proof that the real disease infecting our society isn’t COVID, it’s Karen. Turns out lots of people agreed with the commenter.

Of course the one woman standing up for Chunt is named Karen, and of course she is “Boston Strong” in Stoneham.

This is the Boston Strong crowd all over again. A bunch of Facebook heroes who sat on the couch far away from Boston, watched the police find the terrorists, didn’t attened the marathon, and then pretended like this made them strong because they were within a 45 mile radius of a terrorist attack.

Chunt responded to many people who dared disagree with her, and chastised them for not reading “educational articles.”

New rule – NO MORE MEMES!

They’re not funny!! We’re all going to die!!

What elitists like Chunt don’t realize is that for millions of kids home is dangerous. They’ve never met someone who was a victim of abuse or had a parent who’s addicted to drugs. They think that every kid is going back to a 3,000 square foot house with unlimited food, loving parents, and iMachines everywhere. Kids all across the country are dying in record rates because of domestic violence, largely because DCF can’t do home visits anymore. But the childless woman knows more than you about this because she reads “educational articles.”

Basketball courts are more dangerous than abusive parents. Didn’t you read the educational article?

This about sums up her ignorance.

The mere fact that this woman thinks that people are fortunate for being forced out of work and told that they can’t leave their homes, tells you everything you need to know about her self-righteous elitism. The fact that she believes she is a hero for being “essential,” and that people collecting unemployment and standing in breadlines are fortunate for being designated as “non-essential,” is why people are fed up and not taking it anymore. This is a woman who makes money off of families being split apart, telling people that her right to make a living is more essential their right to make a living.

She’s making a difference by raising awareness though.

Except the only thing she’s raising awareness of is how sick our society has become from the culture that has been created by the government, the media, and the Karens.


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