Stoneham Woman Says Town Is Covering Up Her Coronavirus, Accuses Townsfolk Of Anti-Semitism For Voicing Concern And Sending Police To Her House


Every town reports on how many incidents they have of coronavirus, and Stoneham thus far has exactly zero according to a recent email.

However, they only sent out this email because of some Facebook posts made by a resident named Shoshana Gordon.

Shoshana has been using her two Facebook pages for over a week now to post about how she has CV.

Two pictures of a bloody tissue now constitutes proof of an infectious disease, so long as you post before and after images on Facebook.

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She claimed that she her “life partner” were both tested for it.

And her kids, who she brings to and from school, have allegedly been telling their teachers that she has it.

This would obviously be a public health concern because the virus spreads by contact, and if she had it then the town would have to assume the children have it too.

After the email went out, which was designed to prevent panic, she reignited the panic by claiming that the town was lying about the lack of chop fluey cases because she used a different address.

Many in town were understandably worried since the stories from the town and Ginger Snookie were conflicting, so a woman named Bethany posted in a community Facebook group to address this dilemma.

Shoshana, whose name had been redacted by the OP, outed herself when she responded to the post, and called out poor Bethany who was just trying to find out the truth.

There’s nothing private about the commie cold. If you get it then other people have a right to know that there is an infected individual in the town.

What Shoshana hadn’t done at this point was offer any sort of evidence that she was actually infected. According to her that was because her lawyer told her not to.

She demanded that the Facebook admin take down the post about her, even though her name was redacted and it was a matter of public concern that she had made public. When she was told that this was a community health issue, and that elderly people would be at risk if she really had the Wu Flu, she threw herself a pity party.

Yea, why do you care about all the people who this disease could spread to when you should be focusing on her!! ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!!!

She also claims that she’s being targeted because she’s Jewish and says that her children saw swastikas in the bathroom of the elementary school, which is causing UTI infections because they avoid the potty like the plague.

Is there any evidence that this happened? Of course not. But self-victimization doesn’t require proof.

This is a woman who called asking people if they’ve got CV “ableist.”

She wants you to help find attorneys for black convicts in Alabama.

And she’s mad at her children’s teacher for liking posts from concerned citizens about whether or not the woman posting about having coronavirus, who has a child in the teacher’s classroom, does in fact have coronavirus.

Her posts led to the police and board of health showing up at her house for a Mexican standoff to see her papers.

The tape shows her hand a piece of paper to one of those men, but doesn’t show what it says or how this was resolved. I guess we’ll just have to assume that her multiple lawyers and doctors advised her to give them something that says, “Shoshana’s got coronavirus” on it.

I reached out to Shoshana for comment and she never got back to me. Although I have a feeling that she’d probably just tell me that her lawyer, who is very real, told her not to talk to me because of HIPAA.

My guess? She likes attention and pity on social media so she led people to believe she has coronavirus, because getting coronavirus is all the rage these days. She was hoping it would just stay with her Facebook friends, but people talk and screenshot, and the next thing you know it’s in a community group freaking people out. At that point she knew the town would get involved so she said she was being picked on for being Jewish and her privacy rights were being violated. Just a guess. Although if Shoshana would like to speak she’s more than welcome to message me back and provide documentation to clear this up.


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