Stop n Shop Strikers Harass Ray Bourque For Buying Groceries In North Andover


People have asked us to blog about the Stop n Shop strike that started last week. Personally, I try not to get involved in situations like this because it’s more complicated than meets the eye, and I don’t know all the details. I generally, as a default, usually side with labor, unless they give me a reason not to. And harassing and publicly shaming Bruins legend Ray Bourque for buying food in North Andover is one of those reasons:

The real crime here is that anyone would ever shop at Stop n Shop to begin with when Market Basket is a thing that exists.

These seem like perfectly reasonable responses:

“Now my 300 autographs I got when I played against Chris are worthless.”

Tell us more about the glory days bro. We’re all very impressed. Almost as impressed as the fact that you’re a grown ass man who wears flat brimmed hats, can shoot a frisbee, and carry a gun in your crotch.

Someone pointed out that publicly shaming people probably isn’t the most effective way to get your point across, but Christine Fontanez disagreed. 

Yea, no. You could’ve posted a video of anyone shopping there, and you chose Ray Bourque because he’s famous. Customers who cross picket lines aren’t scabs; replacement workers are. But you’re not shaming them, just a private citizen trying to buy overpriced food at a shitty supermarket.

And no, your labor dispute has nothing to do with the fact that he was in a union too. Ray Bourque was in the top .01% of people in the world at playing hockey. He had a unique talent that couldn’t be replaced. His labor was valuable and rare, whereas your’s is replaceable. I also don’t remember seeing Stop n Shop workers standing on picket lines in front of any other striking workers recently, yet they want everyone else in a union to join their’s. Sorry, but that’s a hard pass on that one guys.


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