Straight Pride Parade Organizers Continue To Threaten TB Staff For Hurting Their Feelings Amidst A Flurry Of Cease And Desist Letters, Troubling Ties Emerge

As a "war" rages on between Antifa and the Alt-Right, who are the true casualties?

It’s been pretty busy for the fine folks over at ‘Super Happy Fun America’ organizing the straight pride parade since our ill-fated live stream that left their feelings mortally wounded and apparently have spurned quite the spiteful reaction. When not crying over the “domestic terrorism” of mailing out glitter, they’ve been occupied with fielding hilarious cease and desist letters from businesses unhappy with the organization’s deceptive practice of presenting themselves as “in negotiation” for sponsorship, when in fact, they are not.

Lyft isn’t thrilled,


Nor TripAdvisor,


And Netflix is having none of it, either.


Ouch. Copyright infringement notwithstanding, SHFA’s “grassroots” organizer has still found time to message both myself and Uncle Turtleboy veiled threats vowing to “see us in person”, an occasion we apparently won’t like very much.

I’m shaking in my boots over here, local bald guy. You look real intimidating and all. Definitely a reasonable reaction to being ribbed a little bit.

Also, interestingly enough, ever since we committed the high crime of mocking what appears to be an objectively stupid idea concocted by a bunch of crybabies whining about made-up oppression in the single most prosperous and freedom loving nation in existence (‘Merica!), we’ve received more than a few threatening communications from various parties Particularly me, as I am apparently now a liberal SJW for not unilaterally agreeing with every talking point the right has to offer.


Here’s the thing, ladies and gentleman – as soon as the word “oppression” leaves your mouth, you’re sort of a social justice warrior. There’s no way around that. As it turns out, the term is no longer partisan. You can be a whiny little crysack independent of political affiliation – go figure.

And of course, Bret got some internet billy badass threats thrown his way, because….he’s Bret.

And apparently we are responsible for some dude named Kyle getting some unnamed guy fired from the Peabody police department. (We’re not.) According to this jolly ginger, anyway,

He looks totally sane. He also happens to belong/ have formerly belonged to a group associated with the  American Guard, who are associated with…..the straight pride crybabies.

Vice President of SFHA Mark Sahady with his cool white nationalist buddy.

Go figure.

And the American Guard seem like super nice people.

Let me make one thing clear – even the most explicit of threats is not going to scare me in to forming my opinions around what you want them to be. You can call me whatever you like, I don’t care. Some self identified members of Antifa tried to threaten my job just a few weeks ago, and that didn’t fly. You’re not any different.

So come cash me outside, fellas, I really don’t care. And I don’t meet stupid internet hardos on their ground – sorry, no threats back from me. We don’t need to waste time battling it over whose internet nuts are bigger – there’s a parade coming up for that.  What I do in response is pretty simple – I do my research. Ever since the first butthurt email I received, I’ve been digging around on these guys, with interesting results. Today I’m going to start with the far-right organization they are all connected to – Resist Marxism.

Samson Racioppi, the “Grassroots Organizer” for Super Happy Fun America, claims to not be a member of Resist Marxism. However, he was a planned speaker at a 2018 rally in Providence, Rhode Island. The rally was swiftly shut down and dispersed after a mere thirty minutes, due to the animals on both sides acting like animals.

Racioppi was subsequently assaulted by a member of Antifia, clearly unprovoked, because Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization.

He really, really wants you to know that.

Come to what, Sam?


Because his side of the fence isn’t much better, if any better at all. Let’s be real for a minute.  It’s awesome that grown adults behave this way in public spaces. It’s not like there are people out there who are just trying to live their lives and not get hit by a masked lunatic with a milkshake, or an idiot in riot gear with a billy club.

Mark Sahady looks like a militant human thumb.

Who has this much free time to play dress-up and go marching in the streets? Honest to God, you’re supposed to be grown men. Dressing up in costumes and mask and chanting is something most of us outgrow by the middle of grade school. Might I suggest focusing on gainful full-time employment or an enriching hobby or two, for all parties involved? You look ridiculous.

We usually focus on attention on the domestic terrorist group Antifa when we look at these incidents, and rightfully so, but let’s not forget – the other side is hardly blameless themselves. The best account firsthand account I could find is from this article entitled “The Antifa Follies: Why Suppressing Rights Like Free Speech Is A Bad Idea”: 

“In fact it was clear that many on both sides were spoiling for a physical fight.  It has long been part of the rhetoric of Resist Marxism and its allied groups that they need to defend constitutional rights and their nation against dangerous violent communists.  They emphasize how ready they are for intense, brutal violence in response to Antifa attacks.  Each side, the Resist Marxism side and the Antifa side, talks about how ready they are to fight back against the other side’s violence.  And then each side acts outraged about their opponents’ statements of being willing to fight back and treats those as proof that their opponents are dangerously aggressive.  There are quite a few examples of actual serious bodily violence on both sides, and people keep pointing to their videos of their opponents’ violence as if it justifies being violent more, with the constant refrain that the police won’t protect us. What’s left unspoken is that quite a few people on each side happen to enjoy beating each other up, and their talk about how violent the other side is turns out to be something of an excuse for people who never seem to take much responsibility for their own violent tendencies.  There’s a danger of greater escalation over time, although I should acknowledge that OSAH deserves credit for carefully not crossing certain lines of violence.  Resist Marxism, too, has sometimes been restrained in its retaliation.  Still, the situation is hardly stable. The worst act of violence on August 4 happened shortly after the rally was over.  Someone from OSAH hit a Resist Marxism organizer with a bike lock — hitting him from behind, in the neck, barely missing the neck vertebrae (which could have made him paralyzed from the neck down if the blow had landed just a little differently).   Something in what our folks brought to the State House that day encouraged the worse side of a lot of people.  The Resist Marxism organizer who got hit, Samson Racioppi, has been accused of some violence but he’s seemingly never committed that level of violence himself, and this isn’t the first time that Antifa groups have hit people with bike locks.  Both sides have a tendency to escalation, and it’s not always the right-wingers being first to escalate — sometimes the Antifa people do it first.”

Huh, it’s a big circle-j*rk of chuckleheads playing out some ego-inflating heroic violence fantasy, go figure. Who would have guessed? Apparently the self-righteous civil war between these far-left and far-right lunatics is much more important than public safety and peace. Cool.

Samson doesn’t like that sentiment, of course.

I mean, I saw violence on both sides, but OK.

That being said, Racioppi isn’t exactly a stranger to being a public nuisance himself.

Drives on how to make 3d guns? Seems rational and nonviolent.

Failed congressional candidate John Hugo received robust endorsement from Resist Marxism

prior to being utterly slaughtered in the 2018 general election.


Come on, Republicans, you know this is a blue state. Stop trying to shop off angry lunatics as viable candidates – you need to bring your A game. John Hugo doesn’t appear to embroil himself in too much controversy, but after listening to him prattle on for almost an hour, speaking in such a perpetually whiny tone should be criminal.

And of course, there’s Mark Sahady, the Vice-President of SHFA, who regularly organizers and attends Resist Marxism events.


He has some very compelling ties to some pretty extreme organizations, but we can look at all that another day.

What is Resist Marxism?

Resist Marxism presents itself as a being an innocuous group of conservatives and libertarians whose mission is to “Defend the Constitution against violent extremists and the Regressive Left.” But private messages between group members leaked in May 2018 cast some doubt and rather nefarious shadow on their outward appearances.


Outwardly, Resist Marxism seems mostly concerned with talking up an imagined impending civil war, and propagating fear-mongering fringe theories.


Hey guys, we’ve already had a civil war in this country before. It sucked.

Then there’s the group’s founder, Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman. You may recognize him as the guy who was arrested in Berkley, CA on March 4, 2017 for hitting Antifa protesters over the head with a LARP-y looking stick while dressed like the d-bag in high school who constantly got shoved in to lockers for being weird.


Not to be outdone, he also sprayed pepper spray into a crowd of counter-protester, resulting in some pretty awkward friendly fire.


He was again arrested for assault and battery with a deadly weapon in July 2018 after 4 months as a fugitive from justice. Most recently he took a plea deal in January 2019 for a case stemming from charges he accrued while taking an illegal joyride on federal land. But hey, the guy’s been a career criminal his entire adult life, anyway; with charges ranging from a pair of felony robbery charges in November 1993:


To grand theft in 2001:

And as reported by the Smoking Gun,

“Chapman’s most recent felony conviction came as a result of an undercover operation launched by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents and the San Diego Police Department’s street gang unit.

With the help of a confidential informant, investigators determined that an owner of a San Diego tattoo shop was illegally selling guns from the business. Agents suspected that some of the weapons ended up in the hands of local Hispanic street gang members.

On two occasions, Chapman provided the tattoo shop owner with weapons–a shotgun and an assault rifle–that were then immediately resold to the informant. One evening, as Chapman drove from his home to the tattoo shop to deliver the assault rifle, a San Diego Police Department surveillance helicopter followed Chapman’s Lexus on the six-mile trip.

Chapman was named in a July 2008 indictment charging him with two counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm. Chapman was arrested at his San Diego home, which was simultaneously searched by cops and ATF agents. According to a search warrant inventory, investigators seized body armor, a Ruger pistol, two throwing knives, a bag of “suspected marijuana,” metal knuckles, two glass pipes, assorted ammo and shotgun shells, clips, and magazines.”

So that seems like a great organization that’s being entirely transparent, doesn’t it?

This worked out great for McCarthy!

I believe in free speech, absolutely and entirely. I see no good that comes from any attempt to stifle it. That being said, what’s the real motivation behind this stupid parade, anyway? Is it really just an assembly to exercise the inalienable right to Free Speech afforded to us by the Constitution?

Or is it merely shark bait thrown out into the water with the intent to lure the imbecile terrorists of Antifa into yet another brawl in the streets? The intent is starting to look a lot less innocuous to me. If history is any indication here, I’d wager the parade is going to be a lot less “Family friendly” than what they’re advertising – maybe keep the kids at home for this one, unless you’re in the mood for some milkshakes and billy clubs.


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