Striking MNA Nurse Banned From Worcester State, Charged With Criminal Harassment For Stalking “Scab” Outside Vaccination Clinic


This is Lillianne LaPensee, one of the striking St. Vincent’s nurses.

Don’t let her Mrs. Doubtfire look fool you though, she’s one of the nastiest enforcers in the MNA. Although I’m normally supportive of organized labor, the MNA has been employing thug tactics and even brought in sausage gargling Teamster lardos to harass nurses and other healthcare workers that actually want to go to work and help save lives during a pandemic. Here’s a video of them blocking a bus full of replacement nurses from entering the hospital.

As you can see they’re dancing and doing kick lines and having a great time. Who cares if people are inside dying and badly in need of healthcare? Not their problem. They’re unhappy with working conditions, and the nurses who aren’t unhappy are traitors who deserve to be treated like subhuman trash. Just ask Lillianne, who shared a column by disgraced Worcester Magazine reporter turned bar cook, Bill Shaner.

They’re also still blocking people from leaving the hospital in order to intimidate people who actually go to work.

It should be noted that several sources are reporting that MNA Vice President Marie Ritacco is currently on FMLA, so she’s getting paid to harass nurses and call them scabs while her fellow strikers are forced to start GoFundMe’s. She also reportedly waited until after her FMLA was approved before she held the strike vote. She forgot to mention that to her comrades though. The ruling class always does.

Meanwhile her dues paying members are going to food banks and applying for food stamps.

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Yet they’re too scared to challenge Marie Ritacco’s “leadership.”

Striking MNA nurses are also tasked with stalking and harassing “scab” nurses outside of work, including places like the grocery store.



Funny they won’t stalk and harass management though, since that’s who their fight is really with.

On April 2 a “scab” nurse from St. Vincent’s was at Worcester State giving out COVID vaccinations. Lillianne LaPensee is apparently assigned to stalk this one particular nurse, so she showed up at Worcester State to leave MNA signs on her car while she was working in order to intimidate her. Keep in mind, this is nowhere near St. Vincent’s Hospital. Lillianne now has a citation for criminal harassment issued against her and is banned from the Worcester State campus. Here’s the report.

This is psychotic behavior. She’s been harassing this nurse online for the crime of providing healthcare during a pandemic. But that wasn’t enough, so she hunted her down miles from the hospital because somehow she knew this “scab” was doing the vaccination clinic at Worcester State. These are the people we’re supposed to support? Nah.

Meanwhile Lillianne is virtue signaling on Facebook about what a hero she is.

“We can and we will.”

Correction – you can but THEY will. You’ll do nothing except whine about making $70 an hour and harass them while they save lives.

According to Lillianne she’s going on strike because she started crying at work when they were going to move her to the ICU and she didn’t feel like learning how to adapt.

Meanwhile she’s out with the girls at the bar, plotting her next stalking victim.

I hope management crushes them at this point. They deserve nothing.


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