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Striking St Vincent’s Nurses Carry Images Of Decapitated Heads Of Nurses Crossing Picket Lines, Harass Workers About Green Cards, Post Where Scabs Live


Yesterday I published a blog about a Facebook group for striking St. Vincent’s Hospital nurses that was being used to dox, target, and harass nurses who have chosen to cross the picket line and care for their patients every day. I made it clear in the blog I knew very little about the labor negotiations involved, and that my critique was not of their demands but of the behavior of MNA Vice President Marie Ritacco for doing stuff like this.


A couple hours later the Turtlegram and Gazette stole our story and passed it off as their own.

Because they are shameless.

In 2018 Massachusetts voters were given the chance to enact legislation that would limit the amount of patients nurses could be assigned to, and it failed miserably, despite Marie Ritacco’s campaigning for Yes on 1.

Now these very same staffing ratios are one of the things they’re currently haggling over with management.

I am not here to shill for management, I’m just against harassing and targeting nurses who choose to go to work during a pandemic. Although 89% of MNA members at this hospital voted to strike, over 300 nurses (constituting 35% of staff) did not vote at all. Probably because they don’t want to be asked for their green cards.

Or have angry mobs show up to harass them at their hotels.

Or get treated like this by other nurses.

Or have masked men carry around images of their decapitated heads on sticks at major intersections.

Or have their fellow nurses cut out pictures of “scabs” from collages of nurses and tape them to management’s door, to remind them that they are no longer part of the cool kid’s club.

Or harass and scream at them while they attempt to arrive at and leave work.

They don’t just target nurses though, a PA messaged today and said this about their experience.

“I was leaving work after a long overnight and 3 nurses were walking so slowly past the exit that they actually stopped and stood there, not allowing me to leave. It’s ridiculous. The behavior of the MNA has been awful. They are using the fact that everyone is in such support of nurses throughout the pandemic that they should get whatever they want. But this is not how it works all the time.”

I was in a union, so I get the whole solidarity thing. These nurses crossing the picket line will get the same contract that the other nurses who are on strike got when it’s all said and done, even though they took jobs at a union hospital, so that’s not fair. But at the same time, this is America, and if you don’t want to go on strike because you don’t think it’s necessary then you don’t have to. If I were teaching right now and my union told me they were striking because schools were reopening without teachers being vaccinated, I would proudly cross the picket line because students deserve an in-person education. The patients at St. Vincent’s likewise deserve quality healthcare, which can’t be provided if the entire nursing staff is refusing to work. Does that not matter to the MNA?

The MNA should immediately and publicly disavow Marie Ritocco and her bullying tactics, and focus on attacking management instead of their fellow nurses.


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