Student Attacked By Classmate For Questioning UMass Boston Professor Who Told Class On Zoom That Donald Trump Had Sex With His Daughter And All Republicans Are Nazis


Ester Shapiro is a Psychology professor at UMass Boston.

Her class is currently being conducted remotely via Zoom, and during a recent class she attacked a student who attempted to dispute her assertion that Donald Trump and all Republicans are Nazis.

This is what you’re paying for when you go to UMass Boston. A woman who has never had a real job to tell a bunch of 20 year olds how:

  • the United States “baked white supremacy into the constitution” (the Constitution created the mechanisms for our government to eliminate slavery and enact civil rights legislation, which they could not do in 1776 because a united front was necessary to defeat England)
  • Trump appointing a Supreme Court Justice is “a corrupt government,” because she doesn’t like the woman he picked (using the powers granted to the President in the constitution is not corruption)
  • the United States government has been taken over by Nazis because we have kids in cages at the border and immigrants are criminalized (even though legal immigration is not criminalized and those “cages” are air conditioned holding pens built during the Obama administration where those seeking amnesty wait while their paperwork is being processed)
  • Donald Trump is a criminal who is going down in flames, “don’t think he’s not” (Donald Trump is not a criminal according to the law, and although he may lose in November this is merely her opinion, which she presents as fact)
  • “Republican militias with arm bands” are preparing for election suppression at the voting places (completely made up)
  • Republicans, including Donald Trump, are all Nazis

The students listening to this either believe the things she’s saying or are too afraid to question her. They saw what happened when Mary the student tried to do the latter.

Professor: “I didn’t used to say Republican, Democrat, but now that we have Nazis we’ve gotta do it.”

Student: “I don’t think Donald Trump is a Nazi.”

Professor: “Alright great Mary, this is not the debate I’d like to have. You asked me a question, and let’s have this offline. Ive gotta be done with Mary. I’m very glad to share the resources I have to understand. Alright, so maybe he’s not a Nazi, maybe he’s just a fraud and a criminal.”

Student: “Can I say something please, about the kids at the border. Are you aware of how many kids are trafficked into this country?”

Professor: “Oh Mary, of course I am?”

Student: “Because I think that’s a big human rights issue that no one speaks about.”

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Professor: “And so you would like us to talk about trafficked children? Let’s do it another time.”

She was completely caught off guard when a student had the audacity to challenge her. You can tell that’s either never happened before. She just casually rants about how the President with his Jewish grandkids secretly wants them exterminated because he’s a Nazi, and no one ever stands up and says, “Nah.”

This isn’t the debate she wants to have because she’s not interested in debate. Ester Shapiro wants to lecture and brainwash without being questioned, and she knows that if this student were to challenge her on the absurd idea that the President is a Nazi that she would come out of it looking very, very stupid.

Instead she corrects herself and settles with “he’s a criminal”, even though Trump has been convicted of no crimes. But that’s a little less egregious than saying someone’s a Nazi, so it’s OK to lie about that.

The student tried to deflect by pointing out that ICE isn’t evil because they actually prevent child trafficking, which is true. But I wouldn’t have even gone there. Just call them out on the things they’re saying. Trump isn’t a Nazi. She’s just making that up, and you’re paying her so you have every right to call her out on it. Students should record their professors like this more often. These people are the reason why we have violent mobs in the streets burning down buildings and blocking highways.

When the professor says stuff like this it sets the tone for the whole class, and the one brave student who spoke out was attacked by other students. Here’s a comment you could see in the chat from a student named Molly Nickerson.


This is the kind of simple individual whose mind is being molded by professor Shapiro at UMass Boston.

This is acceptable discourse now because of professors like Ester Shapiro. When you call your opponents Nazis it’s OK to swear at them and put them down. After all, they’re Nazis. Nazis exterminate Jews.

Molly Nickerson wants to “make racists afraid again,” and made it clear that she hates them.

And by racists she means, “everyone who believes in conservative principles.” She wants you to constantly live in fear and discomfort. And she became such a miserable human being specifically because she has professors who tell her that everyone she disagrees with is a Nazi.

In the second video Ester Shapiro deflects from the relevant point about child trafficking and accuses Trump of fornicating with his daughter at the 35 second mark. Of course no one challenges her because they know what will happen if they do.

“Trafficking is an abomination Mary, as is a President who is willing to talk in public about having sex with his daughter. Just sayin.”

This is a college professor. People pay this woman a six figure salary to prepare their children for the real world. When they graduate with a degree in gender studies they won’t have any sort of skills that can get them a good paying job, but they will be able to tell you that Trump had sex with his daughter.

If Ester Shapiro believes the things she’s saying then she is clinically insane. But she’s not insane, she’s just a person who has lived her life in the bubble known as academia where you don’t get challenged for making up ridiculous lies, knowing full well the people you’re teaching are dumb enough to believe it. Feel free to respectfully share your thoughts with her if you so choose.



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