Sutton Anti-Vaccine Advocate Mom Raises $40K With Fundraiser For Holistic Treatment For Breast Cancer In Cancun, Raises Red Flags With Survivors 


Candice Edwards from Sutton is an unmarried, unemployed mother of one young boy and lives with her baby daddy Jason Charest, who pays their bills as an electrician.

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By not marrying him she is able to qualify for food stamps and other forms of government handouts, which enables her to be a full time anti-vaxxing activist. She lead a protest in Worcester against the mandatory flu shot vaccine for kids when they go back to school, and she claims, without evidence, that her six year old son is autistic because of vaccines. She’s also testified at the Statehouse regarding this matter, and has established herself as a prominent voice in the anti-flu vaccine movement.

She called into the Jeff Kuhner show to voice her displeasure on August 20, starting around the 32:30 mark.

As you can hear in that audio, she’s from Britain where her mother lives. Two months ago a woman named LeeAnn DuCatt, a Connecticut woman and founder of the anti-vaxxing group Informed Choice USA, started a fundraiser for Candice to visit her Mom in England because she was allegedly dying of cancer. Their goal was $10K but they raised just $3K.

She didn’t show any evidence that her Mom was actually dying from cancer, and she apparently never went because the fundraiser was repurposed last week after Candice claimed she had breast cancer.

According to the new fundraiser Candice has raised over $40K to go to Cancun to get holistic treatment for breast cancer.

A lot of people who know her say that her explanation and timetable are suspect at best.

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So I spoke with several breast cancer survivors about their experiences receiving treatment, and they noticed a number of issues:

  • She suddenly doesn’t need to see her dying mother in England
  • She doesn’t say any details about her breast cancer, except that it’s “complex,” and that she hasn’t taken care of herself while “fighting bills” and her body is “depleted”
  • No cancer patient could ever sustain 12 hours a day for three weeks
  • She was diagnosed with breast cancer on October 29, but doesn’t say how she found out, and she immediately needs $40K for treatment in Mexico by November 9. Most survivors I spoke with have much longer time periods between diagnosis and treatment.
  • If she’s doing this for holistic reasons it’s almost definitely a scam, and if she actually has breast cancer then she’s greatly increasing the chances she will die and not be there for her son.
  • She is not his “primary caregiver” as she is perpetually unemployed and collects welfare
  • Boston has some of the best cancer doctors in the world, and people travel near and far to get treated here, yet she is leaving for a third world spring break spot most associated with herpes
  • Normally with breast cancer you need a mammogram, biopsy, and possible genetic testing. The process takes months. If she was terminal she would need immediate care, and would’ve known about the cancer long before. She also wouldn’t be going to Mexico for “holistic” care
  • What does she need $40K for? She’s covered with Mass Health
  • The place she’s going to tells people to start a GoFundMeand comes with its ownreality TV show .
  • Hope 4 Cancer is a well-documented scam run by a quack doctor:

Except it is not. There is nothing ‘holistic’ about this treatment. Nor is it a proven therapy. The clinic looks indistinguishable from the many cancer quack clinics that exist in Tijuana on the Mexican border with the United States. The video at the end of this post shows a documentary where an investigative journalist secretly filmed Dr Tony Jimenez of the Hope 4 Cancer clinic telling her how successful his treatment was and how mainstream chemotherapy would kill her.

On top of that she also claims to have set up an IG account called “Candice Kicks Cancer’s Arse” on IG where she’ll be documenting her treatment.

But no such page exists, nor was a simple link included in her bio.

I’m not saying this woman is lying about having cancer, but when you collect over $40K with a fundraiser by using an extremely suspicious and vague story, it is incumbent upon you to show people that you’re not hiding anything. There is no place better to get diagnosed with breast cancer than in Massachusetts. We have the best hospitals in the world to help treat it, and Mass Health covers treatment completely. There is zero reason to go to Cancun to visit a quack doctor, several parts of her story are clearly untrue, and she’s abandoning her autistic son for almost a month to go to Mexico during a pandemic. I’m more than willing to hear her side of the story and have reached out to her but she has not responded. My inbox remains open.


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