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Swampscott Woman Looking For Black Owned Businesses She Can Support Despite Moving To Town With Almost No Black People


A woman named Amy Paulsen-Reed recently moved to Swampscott and was looking for black owned businesses she could support, so she posted about it in a townie Facebook group.

Virtue signal received.

If you could create a parody of a white suburban liberal woman desperately trying to alleviate the guilt she feels for being white, this would be her resume.

Hyphenated last name, career in higher education, desperately wants to prove that she’s one of the “good ones.”

Of course if she really wanted to “put her money where he mouth is,” she could’ve moved to Lynn, where racial diversity exists and minority owned businesses are plentiful. It’s also significantly cheaper, so she could’ve gotten a nicer piece of real estate for the same price. However, this would require her to live in a place where she’d have to send her kids to schools where not everyone looks like them. Swampscott doesn’t have that problem.

Don’t worry though, she’s very in touch with the black community because she read some literature on how being color blind towards race is a form of racism.

“I’m guessing if you spoke with some black business owners.” – Someone who clearly has never spoken to a black business owner her entire whitewashed life and assumes that all black people think the same way. Treating 40 million black people as a monolith, and assuming that they all possess characteristics that cause them to think and act the same way is what actual racism looks like. There is nothing more racist than a suburban white woman consumed with white guilt.

Newsflash – businesses do well if they offer a good product for a good price. Merit always equals success in capitalism. If you make delicious food, market it well, and offer an environment that people want to eat the food in then customes will come. If it’s really good you can even charge more for it too.

People like this saw the George Floyd video and feel like it’s somehow their fault, even though there’s no evidence whatsoever that it was a racially motivated crime. They desperately want to show the world that they care about black people, lest they called out for “white silence is violence,” and thus they post things about black owned businesses and do this.

Meanwhile the media is doing their part too.

That’s what racial discrimination looks like. Businesses have to pay to advertise on websites like Masslive, unless the business is owned by a black person, in which case it’s now free. That is the definition of racial discrimination. It’s also demeaning and racist because it assumes that black owned businesses need the help of white people at Masslive to keep them afloat.

The racism-industrial complex has never been more alive than it is right now. Create the illusion of widespread racism and watch as white people and governments rush to write checks to any organization run by people of color.


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