Swansea Superintendent And Elementary School Principal Ban Unvaccinated Parent Volunteers Despite Not Requiring Teachers To Get Jab


This is Bill Courville, the principal at Holye Street Elementary School in Swansea, and Superintendent John Robidoux.

On Tuesday Courville sent out an email to all parents informing them that they could no longer volunteer at the school if they weren’t vaccinated, per order of Robidoux.

“We will continue to adjust practices as best we can to keep our students safe.”

You absolute idiots. Not a single child in Massachusetts has died from COVID, despite hundreds of thousands of cases. COVID has never been “unsafe” for children. It’s a virus that makes them temporarily sick, much like a cold. My 6 year old got COVID in school, despite wearing a mask, as did several of her classmates. She was fine and I wasn’t the least bit worried because COVID isn’t even remotely a threat to 6 year olds. She didn’t understand why she had to stay home from school for 2 weeks since she clearly wasn’t sick, as most kids her age don’t even know they have it until they test positive for it.

Meanwhile, there is no vaccination mandate for teachers, principals, or students in the Swansea Public Schools. More importantly, a parent’s medical history and healthcare choices are nobody’s business but their own. This is a great way to get enthusiastic and active parents to stop volunteering.

I have some questions for Superintendent Robidoux:

  • If masks work so well that you’re willing to allow children to attend school while wearing them, in spite of the existence of a virus that you believe will kill them, then why can’t volunteers wear them too?
  • Why can’t volunteers provide a negative COVID test to prove they’re not sick, instead of treating them like lepers?
  • Why do you allow unvaccinated teachers around children, since you believe COVID is a threat to children and vaccinated people get and transmit COVID all the time? How many children have to die under your watch before you force your teachers to get the jab?
  • Why do you believe a vaccine is a safety solution if we’ve had more COVID deaths in 2021 with a vaccine, than in 2020 without a vaccine?
  • Do pregnant women who can’t get vaccinated have to get vaccinated to volunteer?
  • What about those whose religious beliefs prevent them from getting it? Are you discriminating against people based on their religion and/or gestation situation?
  • Will you be requiring volunteers to provide urine samples to make sure they aren’t on drugs? Seems like a heroin addict is more of a danger to my child than an unvaccinated volunteer.
  • Are you going to demand that volunteers get the flu shot, since the flu is more deadly to children?
  • Will parents have to prove they’re not HIV positive as well? Seems only fair since you’re requesting that parents submit personal health information to you in order to participate in their child’s education.

Of course Robidoux won’t have answers to any of these questions because he knows there is no logical or scientific reasoning for this edict, and it isn’t about public health or saving lives. This is about turning a minority of the population into second class citizens for refusing to submit to forced vaccination against their will. Robidoux and Courville don’t have to do this, they’re choosing to. They know that vaccine mandates disproportionately affect people of color, since they are less likely to be vaccinated, and in doing so both Robidoux and Courville are complicit in perpetuating systemic racism and white supremacy.

Stop being authoritative white supremacists and end this mandate immediately.



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