Taunton Mother Gets Blackballed From Mommy Groups After Scamming Generous People For Cash And Donations


This is Jessica Marie Chew from Taunton.

She was flagged yesterday in a south shore Momma’s group for allegedly being a scam artist.

If the person you’re donating and delivering food to won’t even open up their door, and the able bodied boyfriend is creepily staring at you from the window, you’re probably being scammed. Mommy groups are breeding grounds for trojan ratchets like this who prey on the goodwill of others.

Jessica apparently was copying and pasting her sob story all over various south shore Facebook groups and yard sales yesterday, trying to use her allegedly starving children as bait to acquire donations.

  1. She could get to the food pantry before Wednesday, she’s just too lazy to figure out a way and wants the food brought to her instead.
  2. Her disabled mother lives with her and they are impoverished with two children, which means they qualify for all sort of government assistance, which she claims they don’t collect. Sure thing.
  3. She doesn’t have a car or gas to put in the car, yet she has multiple pictures of herself behind the wheel of a car on her Facebook page. She also recently posted that she was willing to drive to pick up a free TV.
  4. Her able bodied boyfriend is looking for a job in one of the healthiest economies in American history, but can’t find someone who will hire him.

Sounds legit.

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She doesn’t just want free food though, she also wants people to send money to her unemployed boyfriend’s Venmo.

She’s “embarrassed” to ebeg from strangers while providing nothing in return, but yet she’s been doing just that for years.

Of course she doesn’t work either, yet the chose to reproduce. Twice. They can’t afford anything else because they spent all of their money on a car, yet months later he bought a new Harley and she was trying to scam Chemical Guys for a refund.

And there’s nothing shady at all about the fact that she frequently sells never opened items on Facebook marketplace.

I’m sure she paid for $350 for toys, only to sell them immediately online for less money because she enjoys making poor financial decisions.

Unfortunately for her when you get called out and blackballed by a Momma’s group, you’re pretty much toast. There’s no coming back from that one, you become a Angela Costi real quick, and you’re forced to go on the defensive.

“I’ve been turning others down for food.”

Excuse me Jessica, but you haven’t been turning anyone down. To the contrary you’ve been asking people to donate to your boyfriend’s Venmo, while also now claiming that you have more donated goods than you know what to do with.

Here’s an idea. Get your tubes tied, tell your slugpump baby daddy to get a job, stop selling donated goods, and quit guilting well meaning people into donating their time and money because you won’t do anything to help yourself.


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