Taunton Woman Charged With Stealing $4,700 From Grocery Store Employer Has Been Scamming People For Months, Recently Went On Expensive Vacation With Ex-Con Baby Daddy


This is Stacy Poissant from Taunton.

She recently made the news.

Taunton GazetteA former cashier at Trucchi’s Supermarket on Tremont Street in Taunton has been charged with larceny for allegedly using suspended transactions to steal approximately $4,700 from the grocery store. Taunton resident Stacy Poissant, 39, was later fired and charged with larceny over $1,200 by a single scheme. Police said they were contacted by the director of operations for Trucchi’s who told them a manager had become suspicious of Poissant when their new checkout system found that she had registered an abnormally high number of suspended transactions. Normally the suspended transaction is used for customers who forget to bring payment or do not bring enough money and intend to come back, at which point the transaction is resolved. But most of Poissant’s transactions were never resolved.

As a result, the police report said, the managers started viewing video footage of Poissant and found that she would often suspend transactions, open the cash register, remove money, put it in a side storage drawer and later take the money. The Trucchi’s employees shared the footage with police. According to the report, police and the Trucchi’s employees analyzed both video footage and paper records, and found that between July 8 and 20 alone, Poissant had 15 suspended transactions that totaled over $1,000. Other paperwork led police to believe that since April 6, Poissant had stolen a total of $4,725.34. Soon after Poissant admitted to both police and Trucchi’s employees that she had stolen money through the suspended transactions beginning in March after working there for seven months, but said she did not think she had stolen over $4,000, the report said. When asked why she took the money, she told police she had had financial and personal issues that caused her to fall on hard times.

In fairness, she did warn them that the only thing that can control her is a remote or a cattle prod.

She only meant to steal like, $1,500 tops. She just got a little carried away.

Friar Tummy Tuck claims that she was only stealing from work because she had “financial and personal issues that caused her to fall on hard times.” Except she was just on vacation last week on Cape Cod with her chinstrapped fiance lifer staying in a spa, where rooms run you around $300 a night

They stayed there for two weeks because it’s not like she had a job to get back to.

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“Fallen on hard times.”

For the last year momma milkshake has been raising money for a variety of causes, including money to feed the starving police, firefighters, and nurses.

And grocery store employees (AKA her).

Keep in mind she did this while stealing thousands of dollars and she had no intention whatsoever of sharing any money she raised with her coworkers.

Last year she asked Facebook for money for something car related. It’s hard to spell because I don’t speak Tauntonese, so try your best to interpret this sentence and figure out where the periods are supposed to go.

Unfortunately periods have been few and far between for her over the years as she continues to shoot tax credits out of her baby cannon.

She’s been pulling the “my friend in Florida got arrested, please send me $2” scam for years, so this is nothing new.

She also has plenty of money for tittoos.

And two weeks ago she contacted someone about booking another vacation next September to Disney World. Check out what she sent when she was asked about her budget.

Her GoFundMe. Whatever she can scam people out of.

Her fiance put out a video today calling out all the haters on Facebook.

If this face doesn’t scream SEX I don’t know what does.

When you start off your video by shouting out to your boy Boobie, who you refer to as “my dude,” and who’s about to be released from jail any day now, you know you’re about to watch something peak ratchet.

“I woke up about an hour ago, took a shower, smoked three cigarettes.”

Another productive day in Taunton.

“I don’t care who you are, everybody makes mistakes.”

Yea some people drive 70 in a 55. Others steal $5K from a grocery store over a period of weeks. Everybody makes mistakes.

The best part about that video is how he spends 9 minutes rambling on about how people on Facebook are talking crap about his girl, and how he wants them to call him up instead. My guy, this isn’t the 80’s. You’ve been locked up for far too long. This is just what people do now when a ratchet like your baby momma gets arrested. We talk a lot of crap on social media and then move onto the next one. You’ll get used to it if you can find a way not to violate parole.

Chad Lawrence is a career criminal who’s spent many years of his productive existence incarcerated.

He only recently got out and is obviously prioritizing the right things with his new found freedom.

Chad and Stacy are “Taunton engaged,” which means they’ve been together for 17 years, fooled around here and there on the side, spent Valentine’s Day talking through a plexiglass window, and maybe someday they’ll go to the courthouse and fill out the paperwork to make it official.

Now that he’s out of jail it’s time to get his father time on, courtesy of Trucchi’s Supermarket.

When someone asked her what her man went to jail for she reacted in the most ratchet way possible.

By making fun of someone’s dead mother.

Anyway, if either of these lovebirds wants to come on the live show this weekend they’re more than welcomed to. Either way, expect a phone call.


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