Tax Evading Orange Slumlord With Strong Opinions About Black People And Jews Wants Us To Uncover Corruption In Town And Smear Tenants


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Over the years I’ve had a number of people try out to be bloggers, cohosts, and producers for the blog itself and the Turtleboy Live Show. I often don’t know these people personally, nor are they contracted employees for Turtleboy. A while back I had a turtle rider from Orange, MA (I’m just going to call this guy Tom moving forward because it’s easier) try his hand as producer and he did fine. But apparently that upset this guy:

His name is Mark Velard, also from Orange. Mark’s parents own the house that Tom lives in with his wife. Mark is apparently a slumlord who’s been complaining that Tom hasn’t paid him rent. He sent us this message last month alleging that the Board of Health was fraudulent, admitting that a restraining order was taken out against him because of his behavior, and making claims about sexual abuse of minors.


He had no evidence of any of this.


I don’t write blogs about housing disputes because it’s often too personal and complicated. I don’t like deadbeat tenants or slumlords, and I think both are a problem. I just don’t have time to investigate every dispute to see who the bad guy is. However, I did look up some court documents and found out that Mark is in fact a slumlord who didn’t fix a lot of things in the house, including the hot water heater, so Tom refused to pay his rent until he got hot water and went to the town. The Board of Health sided with Tom, and a Judge appointed a receiver that was to receive their rent payments. When Mark tried to take Tom to court Mark won. Ever since then Mark has been posting incessantly about how the Judge and Board of Health are corrupt.

If you want us (or anyone really) to take you seriously, this is the exact opposite way to do that.

People first alerted us to this ongoing controversy in December. So I checked out Mark’s page and saw some interesting things. For instance, he thinks Hitler was misunderstood.

He posted about Jewish bankers laughing at German WW1 veterans.

Distrust of German Jews and their ties to banking were rallying cries Hitler used to blame them for being disloyal to Germany. This sort of propaganda was used to dehumanize Jews and call for their extermination from Germany society.

He believes the COVID agenda is Jewish.

And just has strong feelings towards Jews in general.

He also doesn’t really care for black people.

And he refers to white people as “our people.”

This is why I’m against any sort of messaging that promotes one race over another. It’s why “support black owned businesses,” “pay reparations,” and “black people get the vaccine first because equity” are dangerous rhetoric – because this is the sort of backlash that racial tribalism inspires. White supremacy is not a big problem in this country, but white backlash from a fringe minority wouldn’t happen in the first place if the establishment wasn’t constantly pushing the message that white people are the cause of all our problems.

Now whenever court doesn’t go the way Mark wants it to he unleashes a manifesto about how it’s the fault of homosexuals, or something.


Mark also incessantly attacked the tenants and doxxed their extended family members on Facebook.

So yea, I immediately knew I was dealing with a crazy person with no credibility and ignored it altogether.

But Mark really wanted us to write about this, so he sent us a video of himself at a Board of Health meeting that he thought would bolster his case, along with some unsubstantiated allegations about the tenants being pedophiles.


So I watched the video and quickly realized I was dealing with a psychopath. Around the 2:55 mark he starts interrupting the Board of Health meeting, swearing, and calling the tenants pedophile child molesters.

So that’s normal. Definitely helps his cause.

Mark hasn’t been paying the mortgage, property taxes to the town, or his water bill either, and he frequently bad mouths town officials in an Orange community Facebook group. Some noticed his anti-semitic and racist posts in the past and came to the same conclusion I did.

He basically solidifies this every time he posts on Facebook.

And he’s been posting text message exchanges he’s had with the tenants that make them look reasonable and him look psychotic.

Anyway, if Mark Velard had a valid point to make it was lost in his insane rantings. But I’ll give him a chance to redeem himself tomorrow night on the Live Show at 9 PM, as he has expressed interest in coming on. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in then.


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