TB Presidential Election Coverage Live Stream And Live Blog With Mike Silvia Starts At 7:30


12:33 – Fulton County has decided to stop counting ballots because they lost Georgia. Not like this is important or anything. Better go to sleep.


12:05 -Donald Trump has won North Carolina and Georgia. They need to call this and focus on the 3 states that matter – Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. All of which Trump is winning.

11:37 – The fact that the media has called Arizona with 75% of the vote in, but not Ohio with 94% of the vote in, is just so you’ll keep watching. Trump won Ohio hours ago when I called it.


11:21 – Good thing Biden decided not to campaign for 4 days a week before the election.


11:11 – Lindsay Graham and Susan Collins are up by 14%. They told us these were tossups or losing. All the media does is lie. Never, ever believe them again.


11:05 – Fox News has called Florida.


11:01 – Watching CNN refuse to concede Ohio and Florida to Trump is too funny. They just don’t wanna accept defeat.


10:43 – The line has moved to -275 because Arizona is not looking good for Trump. Doesn’t matter. He’s killing it in Michigan and Pennsyvlania.


10:35 – How does Arizona have more votes returned in than New Hampshire?


10:11 – Trump is now -800 to win re-election. This would be a miracle if Biden came back.


10:01 – Trump is now a -400 favorite to win. That is the equivalent to a 10.5 spread in football.


9:56 – Donald Trump is now a -340 favorite to win. You can no longer bet on Ohio or North Carolina. This is almost over.


9:44 – Donald Trump is going to win Florida by 4-5%. Over 93% of the vote is in. It’s over. But CNN refuses to call it. Let it go. Trump won.


9:40 – Donald Trump is now officially favored to win in Las Vegas in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


9:35 – Donald Trump is now a -275 favorite to win re-election. That is a significant favorite.


9:28 – Donald Trump is now -650 to win North Carolina. Close to a 2 TD favorite if this were football. Almost ready to call it.


9:23 – Donald Trump is now officially the Las Vegas favorite to win re-election.


9:22 – Calm down about Texas. Donald Trump is not losing Texas. Relax.


9:04 – I’m not calling Georgia for Trump yet, but we’re getting there. North Carolina is going to make or break this election. Trump is still heavily favored there in Vegas.


8:42 – Turtleboy is officially calling Virginia for Joe Biden. Like New Hampshire, that state is pretty much lost for good.

8:34 – Turtleboy is officially calling New Hampshire for Joe Biden. That state is pretty much lost for good.


8:24 – Turtleboy is officially calling Ohio for President Donald Trump. Not since 1960 has a candidate won both Florida and Ohio and not won the Presidency.


8:13 – Turtleboy is officially calling Florida for Donald Trump.


8:05 – Massachusetts has been called for Joe Biden. Diana Ploss has completely failed us.

8:00 – Donald Trump is now even money to get elected President of the United States.


Tonight is the big night, and TB will be live streaming as the election results start rolling in. The broadcast starts at 7:30, and I’ll have Mike Silvia from the New Bedford Guide along for the ride. We’ll hopefully be taking some calls from victorious candidates, pundits, and many others. I’ll be doing more and more stuff like this on YouTube and not on the blog, so click here to subscribe to our channel and never miss a broadcast. I’ll probably be doing a live blog on here as well, and will be live tweeting on top of that. Click here to follow me on Twitter.



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