Poor Behavior

Teamster Thugs Block Truck From Delivering Supplies During St Vincent’s Nurses Strike, Yell Profanities At Driver


The St. Vincent’s nurses strike is still going on this week with no end in sight. After some really bad PR this week MNA Vice President Marie Ritacco decided to make it worse by bringing in the Teamsters to do her dirty work for her. Here’s a video of a delivery driver trying to get into the loading dock while being prevented by some Teamster hardos.

Scab lossahhh!! 

F***ing piece of s***!!

Bruh, this isn’t 1966. No one is impressed by your whole bootleg Jimmy Hoffa shtick. You’re an out of shape man in his 40’s wearing Maurice the Pantsman blue jeans. We get it, you like to swear and act like a tough guy. We’re all very impressed. But at the end of the day you and your buddy stood there and did nothing as a bunch of supplies got delivered to the hospital. Sure you got to call a stranger some mean words, but you completely failed in whatever your mission was. Meanwhile, the nurses who actually care about their patients are still helping people get quality healthcare inside. I’m 5′ 8.75″, 170 pounds soaking wet, and I’m fully confident I could run that guy over from a 3 point stance. If anyone knows who he is I’d love to know his name. I’m truly curious what Teamsters do all day or how they make a living.

I had no opinion on this strike before, but I really hope management crushes them now. They deserve nothing less for allowing Marie Ritacco to serve as their leader, bringing in the Teamsters to do their dirty work for them, and blocking the entrances and exits to the hospital.



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