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Templeton Transgender Pedophile Smears And Threatens Critics With Attorney Husband, Worked At Narragansett High School, Business Abuts Elementary School


Earlier in the week we published a blog about AJ “Audrey” Robinson, the former Templeton School Committee member who was arrested and charged by the FBI for distributing and possessing child pornography.

A couple points that were missed in that article:

  • AJ only changed his name to Audrey a couple weeks ago, has not taken any steps to “transition” into a woman besides throwing on a wig, and has reportedly identified as a woman because he knew he was about to be arrested and wanted to go to women’s jail
  • AJ’s business, Serendipity Salon, directly abuts Templeton Elementary School
  • He used his position as a School Committee member to access the schools and helped out with Narragansett Regional High School’s theater program

This appears to be a theme at Narragansett. In 2019 math teacher Warren Anderson was sentenced to 45 months in federal prison for possessing kiddie porn.

In 2016 history teacher Matt Kacavich was arrested and charged for texting naked pictures to a student. It was later discovered that he had a previous relationship with a former student who later became his girlfriend. When she attempted to dump him he threatened to go to her new boyfriend’s house, said he was traveling to Ohio to get a gun and Canada to get arsenic, and then lied about having cancer for sympathy. The school held a fundraiser for him based off that lie. (Sidenote – I went to middle school with Matt Kacavich and he was a huge loser/nerd who probably never had a girlfriend until he became a teacher and started dating kids.)

Evidently the school district has learned nothing from this, and continues to allow sexual predators around children. AJ Robinson is a dangerous man who has gone out of his way to access other people’s children. He claims he’s in touch with kids who are “transgender” and want their pictures taken, and claims that he plans on speaking in schools to children about his sexuality.

I don’t hate many people, but I truly hate AJ Robinson and everything he stands for. More than anything I hate that we live in a society that has catered to people like him, and treated them like delicate flowers we’re not allowed to criticize because they belong to “marginalized” groups. He is a predator who gets off on watching small children being raped. He had thousands of images on his phone and email accounts. The children in these videos are sold into sex slavery at a young age and filmed in countries like the Philippines before their videos are distributed on the dark web. There would be no videos if there was no demand to consume the content. These children are exploited and have their innocence robbed of them so that men in western countries like AJ can masturbate to the worst experience of their life. He is the epitome of evil, and he has the nerve to lecture conservatives about how bad they are for wanting to protect children from people like him.

AJ disappeared from social media after news of the charges became public, but he reactivated his Facebook account today and is threatening and libeling people who have criticized him. He began by attempting to discredit our reporting by falsely claiming that I’ve been charged with rape of a minor. He’s also slandering a former employee who was horrified after finding out what AJ had been doing to children, and a woman who works in the Narragansett theater program.

For the record, I have not been arrested, charged, or accused of anything resembling that. This is just what morally bankrupt, depraved pedophiles do to try to save themselves when they’ve been exposed.

His mother Karen Griffith also posted that I am a “convicted rapist,” and said that none of the allegations against his son are true.

Karen, you completely failed as a parent and should be ashamed and embarrassed. You were given a chance at motherhood and raised a pedophile who gets off on images of children being raped. I’ve never been convicted of a crime, let alone rape, but your pedophile son soon will be.

AJ has also been attempting to weaponize his attorney husband Kenn Robinson against those who have criticized him.

We’ve been contacted by multiple people who were contacted by AJ after he threatened to have Kenn call their employers and have them fired for “hate speech” (by misgendering this fully grown pedophile man in drag). It’s unclear where Kenn now practices law. His LinkedIn lists a Leominster real estate law firm that does not employ him, and records show that he used to work for another real estate law firm in the same city. However, he is no longer listed on their website either.

AJ continues to use social media to build lists of enemies he plans to slander for the crime of being vocally opposed to child pornography.


He is continuing to portray himself as a victim because he’s been “transgender” for all of 3 weeks, and now claims that he was raped too.


Most normal people have turned on AJ, but he still has enablers and we plan on exposing them too. They include Nancy Adams, a CNA who lives in Greenfield.

It also includes:

  • Cynthia Miller, who works in the Berlin, NH public schools
  • Mary Higgins, a Littleton mother of 3 (who should not be allowed around kids either) and PCA at Tempus Unlimited INC
  • Tanya Truesdell, who also has kids

Amy Jackson works at VNA Care in Worcester and believes that the charges are corrupt, while Judy Kallager works at Blueprint New American Bar and Grill in Westminster, and is sending hugs his way.

Will Judy be sending hugs to the children who were raped on camera so that AJ could pleasure himself? That’s unclear at this point.


Finally there is Christina Wickberg, who lists herself as Senior Housing Counselor & Financial Services Case Manager at RCAP Solutions, and doesn’t believe any of the “garbage,” including the thousands of images of child pornography that the FBI and State Police found on AJ’s phone.


AJ is hiding behind “transphobia and homophobia,” just as Big Black Jeffrey did when he was revealed to be a grooming rapist, and just like Monica Cannon-Grant hid behind “racism” when she was revealed to be a criminal. He is nothing more than a bully at his core, which is why he weaponizes his sexuality to attack small businesses like the 99 Restaurant in Gardner:

He thought that calling me a rapist would shut me up or discredit our reporting, but the only way to deal with people like him is to let you know that they don’t scare you. It’s why people like him prey on children and those they consider weaker than them. AJ Robinson is an animal, and it’s going to be a pleasure watching him go to jail.


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