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Media Fails

Templeton Woman Tells Suspicious Story To Media And Winchendon Police About Pantless Man Chasing Her Through Woods


A Templeton woman named Rachael Messina posted on Facebook about a harrowing tale about an incident that allegedly occurred at Lake Dennison in Winchendon on Saturday.

Just to review:

  • This woman is a long distance runner who can’t complete a long distance run.
  • She saw a man urinating in the woods and assumed he was there to kidnap her.
  • The man allegedly asked her a perfectly reasonable question about how far away the boat ramp was which prompted her to run for her life
  • Despite being 6’3″, and she being an injured, gray haired woman who runs 10 minute mile pace, he was unable to catch her.

Sure thing Jan.

This led to a logistical question – why didn’t the man pick his pants up if he was running after her?

She could hear his pace in the distance. Sadly the pantsless man just didn’t have the speed nor the stamina to keep up with Granny McMarathon.

She also said she would’ve shot the guy if she had her pistol.

She also says she called the police BEFORE getting back to the boat dock, but the cop who responded told her he couldn’t give her a ride despite the pantsless man who was running after her.

It would seem as if you’d have to be pretty naive to take this unverified anecdote as fact, but that is exactly what the Gardner News and Telegram and Gazetted did when they published one of the most hilariously written stories in the history of fake news:

Rachael Messina isn’t a victim, and that is because she made a decision to run. Messina told her chilling story on social media Saturday evening, March 28, after catching her breath and gathering her thoughts following a harrowing encounter at Lake Dennison.

Stunning. Brave.

“told her chilling story on social media.”

Therefore it’s true.

This is the reporter, Doneen Durling.

This is who we are supposed to get our news from. Her entire long article is a regurgitation of the Facebook posts and comments, except instead of asking questions or looking into it, she reported it as fact.

The first question that a reporter should probably ask when covering something like this is why the police officer she allegedly encountered 1.5 miles from the dock didn’t give this injured woman a ride despite being chased by a man with no pants on. But of course she elected to interview Granny McMarathon instead, who added this amazing quote.

Messina said she will never go to Lake Dennison by herself. She said she has trouble finding running partners because many do not keep her fast pace. One woman that was supposed to run with her that day had an injury, and Messina said that even two runners might have a problem with someone as large as the unknown man.

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable unless there were three of us, and I don’t know anybody that runs like me,” she said.

Lady, you run ten minute mile pace. Anything slower than that is suburban mom speed walking. You are not fast, and you are clearly not a runner if you couldn’t complete the run in the first place. You are simply a woman desperate for attention who wants to create the image that you are strong, brave, and extremely fast.

The “victim” also saw the man at his truck.

The impression the man left was strong in her mind. She could define his face clearly, saying there was not a single hair to grab on his head. He was tall and thin, between 6 feet and 6-feet-3 inches tall with a red complexion, almost like he had stayed under a sunlamp too long. She believes his eyes were blue and had a relatively thin nose. His face was long and he had no facial hair. He was wearing a loose red sweatshirt, blue jeans and light-colored work boots, untied or loosely tied, with the tongue of the boot hanging out.

The man stepped out of a dark color, black or maybe blue, newer, clean pickup truck.

“I couldn’t quite tell the color. It was parked near a tree with branches,” she said.

She fears what will happen if the man is not caught.

“It is going to end up badly for some person. I hope it doesn’t. I really hope it doesn’t. I want to get him before he gets somebody else,” Messina said.

She has gone through the sex offender registry but does not recognize his face there. She has been in contact with members of the police department and intends to maintain a connection until the alleged perpetrator is found.

But wait – I thought you saw him 1.5 miles away from the the cars deep in the woods? And I’m even more impressed that he was able to run after you with his pants down and with untied boots on.

The media is supposed to be a trusted entity to deliver the truth. When people lie on Facebook it’s one thing. But when the media tells us to trust them while simultaneously printing stories like this to stoke fear and panic in a community, then you can finally understand why it’s appropriate to call them the enemy of the people.


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