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Templeton Woman Thanks State Police For Keeping Her Safe By Charging People Who Legally Purchased Fireworks In New Hampshire


This is Mary Lou Szulborski from Templeton.

She’s a menopausal communist cat lady who worships Elizabeth Warren, Maura Healey, and Hillary Clinton, and has used every possible virtue signaling Facebook filter that’s ever been invented.

Just so we’re clear, she’s for the current thing.

Yesterday the Massachusetts State Police decided to go on their Facebook page and brag about how they were charging a bunch of hardened criminals for legally buying fireworks in New Hampshire and bringing them across the border to Massachusetts.

I am so embarrassed for them. It’s like they heard the BLM calls for defunding the police and decided to put together a presentation showing how they’re wasting taxpayer money in the most efficient way possible.

The comments section, which normally is filled with blue lives matter people thanking them for keeping us safe, was now filled with those same people vocalizing how cringe this post was.

But Mary Lou Gumshoe was not one of those people. Since her village of Baldwinville is next to the border town of Winchendon the Templeton Twat Tornado not only thanked the State Police for their service, she narced and told them where they could arrest more criminals and take their private property.

Oh wow, I bet the State Police never thought to check there before! It’s not like there’s a fireworks store in Rindge NH, directly on the border with Massachusetts.

It’s punishment enough to have to live in Winchendon. Can’t you just let those poor people blow up some shit once in a while to let off some steam?

Mary Lou rightfully was laughed at and told to stop being such a Karen, but “fun is dangerous” was the hill she was going to die on.

According to her it was dangerous to allow grownups to be so free on a day that was meant to commemorate and celebrate our freedom.

Mary Lou, the only thing dried up and unused in your neighborhood is…..never mind. But I guess fireworks are only dangerous when you cross into Winchentucky. They must remain in New Hampshire where they are completely safe and the Karen mafia hasn’t outlawed them yet.

The ironic part about Mary Lou’s tough on crime advocacy is that she’s a card carrying DNC soldier, and one of the main priorities for Democrats since the death of St. George Floyd was to stop “criminalizing” non-violent offenders. Ya know, like otherwise law abiding people who legally buy fireworks in New Hampshire and then drive across an arbitrary line into Winchendon on their way home. But I guess the only criminals communists actually care about are the ones who riot, rape, loot, and attack police officers.

Guess what Mary Lou Gumshoe does for work?

She’s an ADA for the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office out of Northampton. There she worked as the Chief Narcotics Officer as a soldier in the “war on drugs,” which disproportionately criminalized and incarcerated people of color.

I don’t care that she did that, because I think heroin dealers deserve to rot in prison and focusing on the color of their skin is irrelevant when it comes to justice. But it just shows how hypocritical and disingenuous the communists are when they pretend to care about “mass incarceration” of black and brown people. Kamala Harris taught her well.

Massachusetts is the only state in the country where fireworks are completely illegal.

So my question is, what gives police here the right to arrest anyone traveling on interstate roads if they legally purchased fireworks in New Hampshire? What if they’re dropping something off in Massachusetts and then going back to New Hampshire with their fireworks? What if they’re traveling from New Hampshire to another state where fireworks are legal (all of them except Massachusetts)? What if they live in Salem, NH and go straight on a road that cuts through Methuen before bringing them to another part of Salem, NH?

This is what we’re paying police to do?

Unlike communists like Mary Lou Gumshoe, I’m a staunch supporter of the police. But cops have the ability to use discretion and aren’t required to enforce every law on the books. They don’t have to pull over the guy traveling 70 in a 55 if they don’t want to. Adultery is a felony in Massachusetts that carries a 3 year prison sentence. What’s next for the MSP on Facebook? A big adultery bust, complete with mugshots of cheating spouses? Then again, something tells me that Mary Lou lives with cats for a reason, so she might actually like that too.


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