Tewskbury Woman Is Selling Noodz To Raise $8K For Lipo Surgery To Lose 20 Pounds, Blames Previous TBS Appearance On “Autism,” Wants Blog Removed


A couple years back we published a blog about a URI football player who got caught cheating on his girlfriend on spring break. We actually had her on the live show, and it was one of the top 10 most viewed blogs in the history of Turtleboy. But I took it down a few months later because the guy featured in the blog very politely and respectfully emailed me, said that he started reading the blog and actually didn’t mind it now, told me he was looking for a job, and expressed concern that this would be difficult when employers Googled his name and found TBS.

Ever since then I’ve probably taken down dozens of blogs for people in similar situations because I think it’s important to let people improve and show genuine contrition. This is what separates us from the mainstream media – they never take down content, and when they shame you it’s a life sentence.

However, we don’t do that for everyone, and the word is apparently out that we do. That brings us to this woman.

Her name is Hillary Fetters, and two years ago she was featured on our sister site after creating a $1,500 GoFundMe so she could buy a computer and live stream video games, which she described as her life goal.

The complete lack of awareness for someone to use a website that exists so that people can fundraise for legitimate causes, was something she hadn’t pondered.

But nevertheless the white knights ran to her defense and donated.


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Is it the biggest deal in the world? No. But it’s symptomatic of a society that is filled with people who believe they deserve non-essential services, in her case, simply for being physically attractive. I like to think we do our part by calling out behavior like this in hopes that it deters people from doing it in the future, but Hillary didn’t see it that way.

When we researched her we discovered that she had previously held another fundraiser for  “raising money for medical research,” claiming she had herpes.


A few weeks back Hillary messaged me on Facebook, asking to take the blog down. But unlike others who have successfully had content removed, she didn’t seem remorseful, and shamelessly blamed her actions on autism.

This actually makes it much, much worse, and further validates that she deserved to be featured. Autism is what people blame now for everything. People like Hillary use it as a crutch, even though there’s no evidence that she’s actually autistic. If she actually was then she probably wouldn’t be messaging us and using it as an excuse, which makes her much more deplorable than we initially realized.

However, I didn’t blog about her claiming to be autistic in order to have content removed because she just wasn’t that interesting. That changed this weekend after being informed of some updates in Hillary’s life.

For starters, she’s lost the sex appeal that she used to profit in her earlier endeavors.

And because she’s put on a little bit of weight and is incredibly vain, the wants to to liposuction, which which costs about $8,000.

The mere fact that her happiness is tied to her physical appearance tells me that she’s not actually reformed.

So she’s decided to post sexually provocative photographs on Onlyfans.com in order to crowdsource the money for the surgery. Because TB Daily News is a PG blog, we will not post the photographs. However, our sister site TBS is R rated and has nothing to lose, so they have decided to post some of the images.

Pro tip – if you’re not happy with the way your body looks, maybe don’t try selling your body. You’re driving stock prices into the ground and you don’t even realize it.

Why not just exercise and/or diet?

  1. If you’re 20 pounds overweight, I think you’re going to have a hard time finding a doctor willing to perform a very dangerous surgery on you.
  2. The person you’re speaking to is also a lunatic who is telling you not to exercise because they believe you can mediate away the cellulite.

Probably best you just give up on the dream, and maybe not tie your happiness to your outward appearance.

In conclusion, no, we will not be taking the blog down Hillary. You have obviously learned nothing, and you have a lot of growing to do (maturity wise, hopefully not gravitationally). I would advise you to stop focusing on your feelings and the things you want that make you happy, and focus instead on bettering yourself so that you can be self sufficient down the road.


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