Text Messages Show Falco K9 Owner Threatened Employees Who Assisted With ARL Investigation, Mocked Abused Dog, Owner Finds Out By Watching TB Live Show


Although Falco K9 claims to have shut down their business in light of our disturbing investigative report regarding animal abuse at their South Boston location, we have received more damaging information from former clients and employees. Tyler Falconer was part of a text message group chat with several of his employees. During one interaction the group was alerted to a small dog who was neglected, got his collar stuck in his neck because they hadn’t had his collar taken off for days, and could’ve easily died overnight. Rather than expressing concern Tyler made fun of the way the dog looked, and his employees followed suit.

During the Live Show on Saturday night at the 1:22:50 mark we showed these messages for the first time.

As it turns out the owner of this dog was watching and had no idea this ever happened. She reached out to us after watching to express her shock:

The video from two days ago during the live where someone submitted new photos about a dog almost dying due to the collar being stuck… that’s my dog. I was never aware of this situation and this is something i am just finding out about. Without watching your video i never would have known. To see it on the internet with no concern and that your dog almost died is scary!! Just mocking and making memes of her. 

Falco K9 never bothered telling her, because covering up animal abuse seems to be their specialty. Former employees alleged that Falconer and his mother did the same thing after a van full of dogs in crates crashed on the way to day school.

All of this was done to save money. Falco worried about lawsuits and vet bills, so they allegedly gave dogs “Falco” remedies when they got sick, and kept clients in the dark about why their pets had lost so much weight during their time at the facility.

Later in the group chat Tyler messaged his employees after the ARL began their initial investigation into this Falco K9 in 2021. Tyler had obtained an email sent by a former employee to the ARL, detailing abusive treatment of dogs that she witnessed. He told his employees that he was going to pursue this woman aggressively in court, that her concern for the dogs was “fake,” and that any lost revenue as a result of the investigation would affect the employees as well as him.

Because money is the only thing that seems to matter at Falco K9. It’s why they had upwards of 60 dogs at one time during day school, with just two employees.

He then alleged that the former employee sole his client list in order to steal business from him (untrue), and began trashing her work ethic in order to discredit her allegations. He claimed that he invited this former employee to family parties because he felt bad for her because she was lonely, and gave her money out of pity for the holidays. He ended the text with a vailed threat to anyone who was still communicating with former employees, claiming that his lawyers were going to subpoena their phone records and find out who they had been in contact with.

This is witness intimidation. It’s an attempt to scare people from participating in a criminal investigation. If Tyler Falconer had nothing to hide he would’ve urged his employees to be forthright and honest about what they had seen while working at Falco, instead of trying to guilt them into lying by suggesting that they could lose their jobs if the company loses revenue.

Of course there never was any litigation against the former employees who spoke with investigators because you can’t sue someone for telling the truth. This was an empty threat designed to intimidate people into silence and prevent them from associating with people outside of work who Tyler did not approve of.

Meanwhile, Tyler’s wife Katie was back at work today on WCVB’s Eye Opener this morning.

This is an abomination. Katie Thompson Falconer was complicit in the animal abuse by trying to silence people who were speaking out against it. She sent this message to the same former employee who Tyler had threatened for sending an email to the ARL investigator, and tried to use her unborn child as a way to guilt the woman into no longer assisting law enforcement.

She used her status as a WCVB reporter to contact a local salon in an attempt to force them to fire a former client who had left a negative comment about Katie’s involvement at Falco on WCVB’s Instagram account.

Both of them worked in concert to silence anyone who spoke out about what was happening at Falco K9. WCVB could have made the public aware about what was happening at Falco K9, but because Katie Thompson worked there they covered it up. It’s unacceptable for a person like this to work for a media outlet, and completely compromises the news station’s ability to report objectively. Feel free to make noise about this on Twitter to her morning co-hosts and see if they approve of her behavior: @dougmeehan, @KThompson_WCVB, @Met_CindyFitz, @antoinetteA. 


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