Three Connecticut Girls Are Suing The State For Letting Transgender Athletes Dominate Girls Track


The girls in Connecticut who keep getting displaced and beaten by two transgender track athletes have had enough, and they’re fighting back in court.

Evidently enough was finally enough. I know I speak for many when I say good luck to these girls, and lots of people are behind you. You need only watch Terry Miller dominate the 100 and 200 meters at last year’s state meet to see how blatantly unfair it is to let biological males compete against girls.

This should be framed not as a transgender rights issue, but as a women’s rights issue. Girls deserve a fair chance to compete against other girls. It’s a right they’ve fought for historically through Title IX legislation. We’ve been documenting for years now the effect this has had on female athletes. Every year the top 8 athletes in the 100 and 200 meter dash qualify for the finals. This year Miller and Yearwood displaced Shelby Dejana from Wilton, and Allisa Munoz from Kolbe Cathedral.

These girls had something stolen from them in the name of social justice. Miller ended up false starting in the finals so he didn’t get a chance to win this year, but he kept the other two girls out nonetheless.

He easily won the 200 meters though, and defended his girl’s title in the process.

He also was the second leg of the victorious 4×400 relay team for Bloomfield.

He won both events the next week at the New England Championship as well.

The idea that transgender athletes have some sort of right to compete against girls is patently untrue. Wheelchair bound students are not afforded the right to play quarterback for the football team, or run a leg in the relay race. Simply existing does not give you a right to compete in extracurricular activities of your choice.

Selina Soule from Glastonbury, who made this great video about her experience in May, was the only one of the three girls named in the lawsuit who is using her real name.

I, like all rational minded adults, will be rooting for her. I hope they remember when they’re old enough to vote that every single democratic congressman voted yes on the equality act, which made it legal for boys to compete against girls in girls athletics. If they continue to push this as an issue they will lose a significant part of their voting block – young women. This demographic is overwhelmingly liberal, but if the left embraces policies that hurts them, then they will walk away. Soule was on Tucker Carlson two days ago, something that would never have happened had she not been put in this situation.

This is a gift issue for republicans. The more ridiculous the better.

The Hartford Courant showed just how subjective their reporting is in the article they wrote on this.

“It repeatedly misgenders the athletes, referring to “boys” competing in girls’ sports.

Because that’s the issue here – misgendering pronouns. Not the fact that boys are smashing records in girls sports. The parents who used the wrong pronouns while standing up to this madness are the bad guys.



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