Three Women Read Mean Messages To Turtleboy To See If They Can Make Me Cry


ESPN personalities Sarah Spain and Julie Dicaro participated in a viral campaign to bring to light alleged harassment that women face online. In order to do this they sat down with some actors who read mean tweets directed towards them and tried to hold back tears, as if the ramblings of trolls is at all significant or worthy of air time. Very cringe.

The mainstream media lauded them for being stunning and brave women and bemoaned how hard it is to be a woman on the Internet. But the fact of the matter is that these are influential women on major media networks, and when you have hundreds of thousands of followers you are going to get some trolls saying mean things to you. This is a fact of life, and if you’re not mentally equipped to deal with it then you have no business being a public figure. It doesn’t make the harassment right, but it’s like complaining about the weather if you choose to live in New England. Twitter has a block function, but rather than utilize it these women have chosen to victimize themselves and give the trolls exactly what they want – attention.

I have a much smaller platform comparatively, but the messages I get on a daily basis are much worse than that. How would I react if someone of the opposite sex read those messages to me? Would I survive? To find out I invited three turtle riding babes onto the show to read some messages I got from one of my dozens of Facebook pages. Could these women make me cry? Watch for yourself.


Turns out it only affects you if you let it.

Here’s some of the messages they read for your viewing enjoyment. Remember, mean messages from ugly people don’t actually matter.  The Internet is an ugly place. If you’re not built to deal with stuff like this then you’re not ready for the Internet.



Remember, this was just from one account. We’ve had dozens of Turtleboy accounts. It happens every day, and it’s really not a big deal. Anyone who whines about mean tweets is an attention seeking asshole.



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