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Tony Branch Is Lashing Out At The Brockton Enterprise For Reporting On Statutory Rape Court Documents, Requests Court Appointed Attorney For Lawsuit


Today the Brockton Enterprise did the unthinkable – reported on Tony Branch being a pedophile.

Apparently the public shaming we gave them prompted reporter Chris Helms to dig a little further and this time he magically was allowed to have access to Tony Branch’s Plymouth Probate Court documents that show a judge’s finding of fact that the allegations of pedophilia were “substantially true.”

Doc 1 (3)

The article basically just says everything we’ve been saying all along, but it’s important nonetheless because it can no longer just be dismissed as fake news from an “alt right” blogger.

Additionally, Branch says he now wants the court to appoint him with a free attorney for his defamation lawsuit against me.

Yes, that’s right – he wants the taxpayers to pay for him to have an attorney because his lawsuit is going so badly. Yesterday we got the tracking order extended because he lied about sending us discovery. Earlier in the week his attempt to get the blogs taken down was also denied.

But Branch isn’t being charged with a crime so he’s not entitled to an attorney. He chose to file a frivolous lawsuit he had no chance of winning in the hopes that I would give him $600 to go away. And there was a time I would’ve, but he took the offer off the table. So I had no choice but to look into his past and here we are now.

Tony Branch has spent his entire life scamming the system and getting free handouts from taxpayers. He squats in a house he was foreclosed on 4 years ago. He uses aliases to run up bad debt he never pays off. He pretended to have a college degree to get a job at Mass General Hospital before he was hired for overseeing an overtime scam. He declared bankruptcy because he owed $42K in taxes and over $100K in civil court judgments. He lied about his income to get section 8. He tried to scam a car insurance company. He lied about his ex-wife having an affair with her boss at the Mass Commission for the Blind in a failed attempt to sue him for sexual harassment. He pretends he’s a Bishop in order to gain prominence in city government. He received a PPP loan despite not owning a business.

Now he wants the taxpayers to give him a free lawyer for litigation he’s not prepared to deal with, which he initiated in the first place. Tony Branch is free to drop the lawsuit whenever he wants.

Since the media is no longer covering for Brother Branch he’s freaking out on Twitter and lashing out at the Enterprise for “giving into pressure from a racist blogger.”

You didn’t have an adultery divorce. Your wife left you because you’re abusive and controlling. Then she got a restraining on you for 2 years that you violated by not turning in your ammunition.

He’s lying through his teeth:

The case is open to the public and anyone can view it. It’s how we got it in the first place.

He’s refusing to step down, hiding behind God, and using the hashtags #blackchairstays and #ministryoftruth.

But the truth is he’s a pedophile and a crook who never thought he’d be exposed by a blogger he sued.

He’s referring to himself in the third person and claiming that he’s moving his lawsuit to federal court in light of “First Amendment issues.”

Except his 1A rights were never violated. He’s trying to limit mine, but I don’t care what he makes up about me. He thinks it’s a violation of freedom of religion for the public to want to know whether or not he’ a real Bishop, but it’s not.

Obviously this man is extremely selfish and doesn’t care at all about the students in the district or the distraction he is creating by refusing to step down. He clearly thinks he’s a lot more important than he is, considering this is all over a regional school committee position that few care about outside of the school.

So why is he refusing to let go? Simple – holding positions like this are vital for the Tony Branch brand. In reality Tony Branch is a simple con-man with no money, skills, connections, credit, or resources. But he’s created the illusion that he’s some sort of religious and civil rights leader, which is why serving on the school committee, the Brockton Diversity Commission, and the NAACP is so important for him to hold onto. He uses these positions to make himself a respectable public figure, which opens the door to more professional and economic opportunities. In January Governor Baker appointed him to the equity committee that distributes $2.55 billion in COVID relief.

How much of that will end up in his pockets?

He used this vail of legitimacy to run for Governor’s Council in 2020.

The Governor’s Council appoints judges, which is convenient for a guy who is constantly in court.

Despite this controversy Mayor Robert Sullivan still regularly associates with him and was a guest on his radio show this week.


The Mayor also appointed him to head the Diversity Commission.

Parents at Southeastern need to speak out. The 4 pedophile enablers on the School Committee need to be called out in person by these parents, and I suggest they all sign up to speak at the next meeting on May 10 at 6:30.

Tony Branch isn’t going to resign, but they can vote to censure him again, and they should. And in November someone in Brockton should step up and run against him.


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