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Tony Branch Yells At Female Member, Threatens To Remove Peaceful Protesters At School Committee Meeting, Pedophile Enabler Colleagues Have No Comment


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Last night I attended the Southeastern Regional School Committee meeting to confront Chairman Tony Branch and the 4 other members who voted not to censure the alleged pedophile and sexual predator, who has had nearly half a dozen restraining orders taken out on him by women. On the agenda was an open meeting law complaint against Branch for illegally attempting to advance his chosen candidates for superintendent in private emails, instead of at a public meeting. The meeting was last minute, but I was still joined by about 20 turtle riders in the crowd as I sat up front to make my presence known.

At around the 2:50 mark Branch begins the meeting with an almost 10 minute statement that was not on the agenda. Another member attempted to point this out, since it’s a violation of the rules, but since she was a woman Tony Branch did what he always does with women who talk back – yelled at them loudly and asserted his male privilege. He also threatened to remove this reporter and other women in the audience who had the audacity to object to his unhinged ranting.


He calls me an “alt right blogger with a history of race baiting,” in order to take the focus off the fact that I reported on court documents that show he had sex with a 15 year old girl when he was 36 years old. He then went on to race bait and claim he’s the victim of racism whose civil rights are being violated.

“I believe the court cases should be fought in the courts, not in the public.”

Courts are public, and Tony Branch is a public figure who represents an entire school district. Allegations made against him in court are a reflection on Southeastern. His frivolous civil suit against me has nothing to do with the accusations being made against him.

“People believe that the information from the blog would circumvent common sense and the criminal justice system.”

The allegations that Tony Branch had sex with a 15 year old girl are not from the blog, they are from documents out of Plymouth Probate Court.

“Barring an elected official that has been duly elected by the citizens of his district was in clear violations of my civil rights and an elected official here.”

Tony Branch didn’t run against anyone, and was initially appointed to the seat in 2016, just like many other members. Almost everyone on this committee ran unopposed. Additionally, keeping a sexual predator who has had sex with 15 year old girls out of a high school filled with 15 year old girls is not a violation of Tony Branch’s civil rights.

“We have to have order”

The only reason these meetings are a circus is because Tony Branch selfishly refuses to do what is best for the students of the district and resign.

Later on in the meeting the representative from the MASC agreed that Branch violated open meeting laws, and that all votes regarding the superintendent search must be public. This is common sense, but his blatant disregard for the law will have no consequences because the sexual predator is being protected by 4 members, who I questioned afterwards. None of them had any comment, as they likely known that protecting a predator is shameful and defenseless:

If you live in Mansfield, Brockton, Stoughton, or Northon, please consider running against Barbara Norton, Christine Gaze, Gerson Monteiro, and Robin Zoll. These are the faces of pedophile enablers:


I’ve never seen such a dysfunctional elected body, and I watch a lot of CSPAN. They are months behind other districts in superintendent searches, the Chairman blatantly violates the law, and there are an even number of members on the committee. School Committees always have an odd number of members in order to avoid 5-5 ties, like the vote to censure Tony Branch. Rules should prevent Branch from voting on his own censure as well, but unfortunately he was the tying vote to protect himself. The Brockton Enterprise was there last night, let’s see if they report on it.


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