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Top 7 Wokest Pandering Moments From The CNN LGBT Town Hall Event 


CNN hosted a LGBT town hall event for democratic candidates for President last night, and it was everything you dreamed it would be and more. The wokeness, virtue signaling, and shameless pandering were more prominent than ever, and after catching up on the highlights after the Patriots game the only thing I could think of was, “this is the left now.” This is the base they have to cater to, and it’s absolute madness. Here’s my favorite 5 moments of the night.


7. Joe Biden tries kissing Anderson Cooper in vain attempt to be woke, while forgetting that the biggest knock on him is his propensity for groping. 


6. CNN lets activist Massachusetts Mom, who let her daughter transition to becoming her son at the age of 3, ask Elizabeth Warren what she’ll do to protect her at school. The mother, Mimi Lemay, was previously featured on Turtleboy for allowing Maura Healey to pimp out her daughter as a tool for profit making. 



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5. Dude named Shea Diamond (a convicted criminal and former prisoner) tells CNN that it’s violence to mispronounce his made up, two syllable name. Julian Castro smiles, approves, and pretends that this is normal since this is his base. CNN lady stands there and accepts that this is in fact violence. 



4. Gay man asking gay candidate Mayor Pete a question gets interrupted by lunatics chanting “trans people are dying, do something,” and “trans lives matter” who nearly start a riot, and then get applauded by both Mayor Pete and gay man Anderson Cooper because “we applaud them for their protest.” A woman then tells him that he’s not allowed to applaud and Cooper agrees. Gay men who ask questions are all composed, while transgender folks are loud, abrasive, rude, and uncontrollable. Evidently none of them identify as polite. Totally not a mental illness. 


3. Elizabeth Warren said she was wrong when she said that taxpayer dollars should not pay for gender reassignment surgery for rapists and murderers in prison while running for Senate against Scott Brown. 


2. Kamala Harris desperately tries to save what’s left of her campaign after being murdered by Hawaiian woman in July by starting off with announcement of her pronouns. Fredo Cuomo makes light of this by saying “mine too,” promptly gets destroyed by outraged blue checkmark woke brigade for having a sense of humor, then shamelessly capitulates to mob outrage by apologizing for joke about pronouns. 


1. Man in drag named Blossom freaks out because no black trans women have asked questions yet, grabs microphone from woke woman who claps like a trained seal for allowing this woman to to check her cis privilege, berates CNN for getting black trans women killed, gets applauded by audience, Don Lemon, and Beto, then Blossom accuses Don Lemon of anti-blackness despite the fact that he’s black. 

This just in – Blossom is now beating Beto in the polls.

I remember when democrats used to pander to working class people who didn’t want to lose their jobs or healthcare. Now they’re pandering to the Twitter blue checkmark outrage brigade, and allowing them to control the culture. When you do that, and you’re afraid to tell these people to sit down and shut up, this is the result. But in order to go anywhere in the democratic party you have to stand there and pretend that this is all normal. Women announcing that they like to be called “she,” paying for murder’s to get sex changes, applauding people who are yelling nonsensical things at you, pretending these people aren’t suffering from mental illness. If you don’t embrace these things then you become Tulsi Gabbard and you’re not invited to the party.

This is why Donald Trump will win again, and this is why I’m on his team – because what other choice does a sane person have after watching this display tonight?

P.S. No one was asked the most important question though – should biological boys be allowed to beat up on high school girls in sports? Guarantee every single one of these pathetic pandering fools would say yes.


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