Top 72 Reported Fake Hate Crimes During The Trump Era


The Covington and Jussie Smollett stories have highlighted what many of us have known for a long time now – the media is fake news. The problem is that they are corporate owned and driven by advertisers. When your bills are paid by people like this you can only write the things they let you write. So if the Washington Post had chosen to doubt Smollett’s story they likely would’ve been attacked by social justice mobs, who would then go after the Post’s advertisers, who would then tell the Post to stop pursuing truth. The same thing happened with WEEI and Kirk Minihane.

For that reason the only people you can truly trust in are independent media outlets like Turtleboy Sports. However, they lack the financing, which is why many have Patreon’s or just a link to a PayPal like we do. Because if you want the truth to be controlled by the people instead of PC corporations, you have to support it.

The Jussie Smollett proved story proved that independent journalism is vastly superior to corporate controlled media. Random guys on Twitter were all over this story from the beginning, asking the tough questions that people wanted answers to. And because independent journalists do not answer to corporate overlords, they can afford to do this. One of those guys is blue checkmark Andy Ngo, who has been cataloguing a list of fake hate crimes that have occurred in the Trump era. So far he’s got 31 which I’m just going to list here, and then I added 38 more fake hate crimes that we’ve debunked on Turtleboy. Feel free to use this as a reference whenever someone says, “Why would someone make up a hate crime?”


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32. Foxboro High School student claims racial slur on bathroom stall door, story is not believable, no picture taken

Local Becky Says She’s Moving Because Someone Wrote Racial Slur On Foxboro High School Bathroom Door, So Here’s How I Handled Death Threats 3 Weeks Ago


33. UMass Amherst students claim “hang n words” found on bathroom mirror, no picture taken

Fake Hate Crime Of The Week: UMass Students Find “Hang N Words” Written On Bathroom Mirror, But There Aren’t ANY Pictures Of It Anywhere


34. Boston MBTA – Boston activist makes up lie that kids

Fake Hate Crime: Professional Activist Says She Recorded Racist Boston Cops Harassing Black Kids At Train Station, Except She’s Not Posting The Video To Protect The Imaginary Black Kids And Just Wants To Shame The Cops



35. Framingham Elementary School – Hate Note Found On Day With No School

Hate Note 10 Year Old Muslim Girl Found At Framingham Elementary School Couldn’t Have Happened On Monday Because There Was No School, Yet Elizabeth Warren And Uncle Jamaal Are Virtue Signaling Anyway

These Hate Notes With Perfect Grammar And Spelling That A 5th Grade Framingham Muslim Girl “Found” At School Seem Legit



36. Framingham State College #1 – kids who want diversity trainings the school won’t pay for make up hate crime to get the funding

Framingham State Students Pull Another Fake Hate Crime To Same Student Because The School Won’t Pay Them To Run Diversity Trainings




37. Framingham State College #2 – football player writes obviously fake hate filled note to himself

The FBI Is Now Investigating The Fake Framingham State Hate Crime From A Football Player Who Feels “Unsafe” Because Of A Note He Probably Wrote To Himself



38. Malden “Lesbians” Say They Were Kicked Out Of Bar For Kissing, turns out they started a fight, it was all on video, and one of them was heterosexual

Malden Muff Buffer Took Down Her Fake Hate Crime Facebook Post And Then Her Entire Page Now That We Exposed That The Whole Thing Was A Lie

Turns Out The Malden Muff Buffer Gay Hate Crime Victim Is An International Drug Mule Who Started The Fight And Might Not Even Be Dating Her “Girlfriend” Who Is Possibly A Hooker




39. White Lives Matter spray paint on black owned business in Roxbury set for grand opening – Google Earth shows It had been there for years

Google Earth Images Clearly Show The White Lives Matter “Hate Speech” Graffiti In Roxbury Was Already There In July, And We Took Down Their Facebook Page For Hate Speech

This “White Lives Matter” Hate Crime In Roxbury Is The Worst Fake Hate Crime In The History Of Fake Hate Crimes And Is Nothing But Free Advertising




40. North Brookfield Student Nearly Hit By Imaginary Tomahawk from thrown from car by racist white people, tomahawk was never found

14 Year Old North Brookfield Boy Says Masked Men Threw Hatchet At Him After Getting Off School Bus Which Stopped In Mid Air, Then Disappeared, And The Media And Gullible Morons Are Once Again Believing It



41. Air Force Mom whose son pulled fake hate crime at Air Force and got caught says son is still a victim because he was subjected to the words that he wrote

Failed Springfield Politician Whose Son Was Victim Of Fake Hate Crime Says She Was Still A Victim Because She Saw The Racial Slur That Her Son’s Friend Wrote On His Door



42. Westfield State Shut Down Campus After Same Girl Gets 3 Racist Notes, Students Start Manhunt For Racist White Dude, Call Cops On Innocent Person

Suspicious Guy At Westfield Was Just A Dude Who Was Racially Profiled For Being White On A College Campus, Sad Students Worried About Lynching Protest Anyway

Westfield State Is A Joke: Girl Who Lied About Getting Jumped By 3 White Guys, Got Campus Shutdown When White Guy With Backpack Was Seen Walking, Same Girl Who Wrote Racial Slurs On Her Own Door



43. Providence Non-Profit claims to find noose hanging in building

Fake Providence “Non-Profit” Hangs Noose, Pretends It Was a Break-In/Hate Crime, Gets Donation Money, TB Confirms With Providence PD That It Never Happened



44. Connecticut Jewish Man Writes Swastikas and KKK In His Own Building, calls cops, ends up getting arrested

Scrotum Scruffer SJW Who Virtue Signals Like Crazy With Facebook Filters Writes KKK, Swastikas On Elevator In His Building, Calls Cops, Gets Busted 



45. “For Whites Only” Rhode Island High School Toilet Seat

Whiny Rhode Island Sewer Guppy Demands Chariho School Assembly So She Can Get Out Of Class After Posting Viral Toilet Seat With “For Whites Only” That’s Probably A Hate Crime Hoax



46. Smith College Student Gets Woken Up From Nap, claims racism, turns out she was in unauthorized area and employee that she was a guy

Woke Smith College Student Mistaken For A Dude Who Had Cops Called On Her For Sleeping In Empty Building Is The Fakest “Victim” Ever, Is Now Demanding The Caller Be Doxed And Fed To The Woke Mafia



47. Northampton Lesbians say they were kicked out of bar for kissing, turns out they were too drunk and the bartender was a lesbian herself

Lesbian Drunky McDipshit Accuses Local Bar Of Discrimination, Sends Legion Of SJW Trolls To Mass Report And Ruin Business Despite Being Cut Off By Lesbian Bartender




48. Thirteen Year Old Pretends To Be Kidnapped By 5 White Supremacists in Alabama, made the whole story up so he could hang out with his friends

Just Like We Predicted – 13 Year Old Zavion Parker Made Up The Story About Gingers With “I Hate Black People” Tattoos Kidnapping Him Because Of His Race And Morons Believed It Because They Wanted To Believe It

13 Reasons You Should Realize 13 Year Old Zavion Parker Wasn’t Really Kidnapped By A Group Of White Supremacist Gingers


49. Florida Woman Finds Monkey Hanging On Noose From Office Chair

Pinocchiho Makes Worst Hate Crime Hoax In History Of Hate Crime Hoaxes, Over 30K Share Post Despite Previous Arrest For Uttering Forge Instrument



50. Claremont Mom Makes $53K With GoFundMe Pretending Backyard Game Was Attempted Lynching Of Her biracial Son

The 8 Year Old Boy Who Was “Lynched” By Racist White Kids In Claremont Is Actually White, And Mom Is Cooking Up Racism Lies For The GoFundMe

Sources: Claremont Mom Who Raised $53K With GoFundMe After Her “Biracial” Son Was “Lynched” Is Now Driving A Brand New GMC Acadia 




51. White Mob Surrounds Muslim Woman In Store

This Fake Muslim Chick Told The Most Amazing Viral Lie We’ve Ever Seen On Social Media About A Rainbow Coalition Fighting Klansmen Who Attacked A Muslim Girl



52. Dorchester Teenagers Lie About Being Called Racial Slurs At Upham’s Pizza, video shows they threw pizza at manager

Gutless Dorchester Pizza Shop Agrees To Cultural Sensitivity Training And Fires Employee After Two Chode Nectars Threw A Pizza In Her Face And Cried Racism



53. Janitor Who Found Racist Grafitti On Elementary School Put It There, because he is politically connected he keeps his job and the story is dropped

Turns Out The Janitor At South Boston Elementary School Who “Found” Racist Graffiti Directed At Him Was Probably The One Who Put It There And As Usual Everyone Fell For It



54. Ohio University Student Senate Member Writes Hate Note To Herself, blames all of her peers, ends up getting caught

Ohio U Pudding Gyro Says She Got Threatening Anti-BLT-123 Note Left By Other Student Senate Member, Turns Out She Was Lying, Got Arrested, And Students Still Need “Time To Heal” 




55. Adam Jones Lies About Being Called N Word At Fenway Park, 36,000 fans there but no one else heard, it, vendors we interview say it’s a lie, high school kid pranks Mike Lupica and says he heard it, later admits that was a lie but Lupica’s column is still up

This Is The Lying Shitbag Woburn High School Student Who Lied About Being At Fenway And Hearing A Guy Call Adam Jones The N Word

Adam Jones Makes Up Obvious Lie About 60 Red Sox Fans Yelling Racial Slurs At Him, Barstool Sports, MSM Buy Into It And Demand Sox Fans Give Jones Standing Ovation

Fenway Bleachers Vendor: I Was There And No One Yelled Any Racial Slurs At Adam Jones

Niko The Woburn High School Senior Told Mike Lupica He Lied About The Adam Jones Racial Taunts But Lupica Still Won’t Retract His Column



56. Woke Santa Spreads Viral Lie About ICE Fingerprinting Brown People In Cambridge

Woke Santa Makes Up Lie About ICE Fingerprinting Friend In Cambridge’s Harvard Square For Being Brown, Thousands Blindly Share It Even Though He Doesn’t Know Friend’s Name And Is Clearly Lying



57. Shaun King Blames White Guy For Killing Jazmine Barnes

Talcum X Does It Again: Blames White Guy For Killing 7 Year Old Jazmine Barnes, Turns Out It Was 2 Black Guys, CNN Praises Him And He Gets To Stay On Twitter



58. Shaun King Accuses White Cop Of Raping Black Woman, Dash Cam Exonerates Him

Shaun “Talcum X” King Used Platform With 3 Million Followers To Spread Lie That Black Woman Was Raped By Texas Cop, Video Proves She Lied, No Apology



59. Clark University Student Posts White Nationalist Recruitment Posters All Over Campus

Clark University SJW Posts White Nationalist Recruitment Posters On Campus, Virtue Signals, Blames Administration For Not Doing Enough To Stop It



60. School Committee candidate Dante Comparetto writes hate note to himself filled with the n word (even though he’s white), blames Turtleboy




61. Natick White Guy Gets Anti-Black Hate Notes Because His GF Is Black

White Natick Guy (Probably Lying) Says He’s Receiving Racist Notes From Trump Supporters Because He Has A Latino GF And Black Housemate



62. Black UMass Student Who Sells Racially Charged Memorabilia Finds Racist Hate Note On Door

UMass Student Trustee Selling “Fuck Trump” Shirts, But White People Aren’t Allowed To Buy Them, Made Up Racial Hoax In 2014 To Promote His Illegal Business



63. Lunenburg Parents claim biracial son’s teammates spray painted racial slurs on house, turns out they did it but son gets to transfer to Leominster anyway which was their plan

Lunenburg Dad Still Blaming Town For Being Racist Instead Of Wife Who Already Admitted To Vandalizing Her Own Home



64. Boston Transgender Person claims to have been knocked unconscious and woke up in hospital, assumes it was a hate crime, starts GoFundMe for gender surgery, turns out she fell and and scratched herself

Facial Maddow Uses Harvard Degree To Pretend To Be Hate Crime Victim To Milk Dumb Jamaica Plain SJWs For Free Transgender Surgery And Other Stuff Despite Having Mass Health And Collecting SSDI And Food Stamps



65. Quincy Mom Finds Hate Speech In Chalk

Quincy Mom Finds Hate Message Written In Chalk On Driveway Says It’s Because She’s A Non Practicing Muslim And Woman Of Color



66. Imaginary Poop Swastika In Rhode Island

This Rhode Island Poop Swastika In A Transgender Bathroom Is The Latest SJW Hoax



67. Holyoke SJWs Keep “Finding” Swastikas On Dumpsters

Another Holyoke SJW “Found” A Swastika On A Dumpster And Says She’s “Horrified” By Something She Might Have Done Herself



68. SUNY Albany Girls Make Up Story About 12 Racist White Guys Attacking Them, Hillary Tweets Support

Just Like We Called It: Black SUNY Albany Students Who Said They Were Attacked By Racist White Mob Were Lying And Now They’re Being Charged



69. Bridgewater Elementary School Teacher Gets Slammed For “Racist” Plymouth Re-enactment

Bridgewater Teacher Gets Destroyed For Teaching Kids About Pilgrims After Racist Dad Incites Internet Mob 



70. Radical activist falsely accuses elderly man on MBTA of upskirting, incites violent attack on him which she records

24 Hours After We Called Out The Red Line Vigilante Who Beat The Shit Out Of An Elderly Man For Imaginary Upskirting He Was Arrested By MBTA Police


71. SJW makes up unbelievable story about black kids being harassed by racist cops on MBTA

Thousands Of Dumb White People Shared SJW’s Made Up Story About Racism On The MBTA



72. Gay Greenfield Dads with biracial son say he told them that he wants Santa to bring him white skin for Christmas because neighbor cop had confederate flag hidden in his garage

Greenfield Cop In Trouble After Neighbor Takes Picture Of Confederate Flag Inside His Garage And Posts On Facebook



I’m sure there are more we uncovered, so we can update this as it goes along. But the takeaway here is this – hate crimes are not on the rise. Reported hate crimes are, because most of these qualified as a reported hate crime, and then gets used as a point of reference for politicians like Kamala Harris and Corey Booker. But anyone can report a hate crime. It’s up to the media to decipher what is true and what is not. The MSM has no desire to do that, so independent journalists must take the lead. Thank you for supporting us by donating or buying stuff in the Turtleboy store. We could not do this without your help.

P.S. The rallying cry for everyone who blindly fell for these is apparently, “why aren’t you reporting real hate crimes too?”

And the answer is, because there just aren’t many that are real. And when they are, the MSM takes care of that for us.





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