Transgender Burlington Man Sends Mob After Diner For Not Letting Him Wear Bra At Breakfast While Allowing Female Roommate To Do So


This is Anastasia Bolychevtsev Burlington, VT.

He recently decided that he was a woman so he got himself a wig and a pair of fake gerber servers and now demands access to the women’s locker room.

This is what progress looks like. How could anyone see anything wrong with this? It’s basic science people! You are whatever you say you are.

Anastasia recently decided to go out to a diner in town called Henry’s, and this is what he wore.

Obviously then he was denied service, because he’s a hairy tattooed man wearing a bra, and that’s not good for business.

But since people like this feel the need to force their agenda down your throat he had his female roommate go to the same place the next day and look what happened.

To be clear, women shouldn’t be allowed to wear a bra out to eat either. Who do you think you are? Sue Ellen Mischke?

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Someone could get hurt while driving and sue!

But at least it’s an actual young female, not a hairy middle aged man with a gut. That dude wore a bra out to a diner because he’s been a “woman” for all of five minutes and wants to force other people, including privately owned businesses, to embrace his weirdness. He made absolutely no attempt to look like a woman, did everything in his power to draw negative attention to himself, and got exactly what he was looking for – a woke mob trying to destroy a private business that didn’t comply.

Henry’s was faced with two choices – cave to the mob and apologize, or stand their ground. They gutlessly chose the former after the BLT-123 mafia started attacking them.

But of course this apology wasn’t enough for them, because the communist isn’t interested in your apology. The communist seeks one thing and one thing alone – absolute submission.

If Henry’s really wanted to capitalize on this they’d be wise to stand up to the mob. The vast majority of people, no matter how “progressive” they are, would completely understand if any restaurant turned down someone who showed up looking like this.

Instead they complied and now the media is running with the story:

Iwas early on a recent Saturday morning when Anastasia Bolychevtsev and her housemates decided they wanted breakfast. Bolychevtsev, dressed in a white bralette, a denim skirt and sneakers, and Anna Ziglar, wearing a tie-dye crop top and denim shorts, walked into Henry’s Diner in downtown Burlington. But they never sat down — let alone placed an order. The hostess told Bolychevtsev, who is a transgender woman, that she would need to cover up with another shirt to be seated. Ziglar recalled the hostess mentioning that there were children in the diner.

“I was so mortified,”  Bolychevtsev, 54, said in an interview. “We left and then we went and got breakfast somewhere else.” 

How does anyone write this story with a straight face while calling this dude “her” and “she” repeatedly? The roommate sounds equally as bad.

Lucia Blanchard, Bolychevtsev’s 19-year-old cisgender housemate, walked into Henry’s at around the same time the following morning, a Monday, wearing the same bralette and her shortest shorts. She said she intentionally wanted to show more skin than Bolychevtsev had days earlier. 

“When I went in there, like the shorts I was wearing, you could see my butt tattoo, I’m gonna be honest,” Blanchard said. “I have a butt tattoo of the Energizer bunny and you could definitely see the bottom portion of it.”

She has an Energizer bunny tattoo on her ass. I already know everything I need to know about her.

The Burlington Beef Mongrel insists he was just “embracing his womanhood.”

“With however many years I have left, I’m embracing my womanhood as much as I can,” Bolychevtsev said. “I’ve got a hard core group of girlfriends, and we all know we’re strongest when we’re with other women.”

But what is a woman? Please, define it for me. What is it exactly that you believe you are? How do you define woman? Someone who likes The Bachelor, is sensitive, and cooks? There are plenty of men like that in PTown, so that certainly doesn’t mean you’re a woman. Someone who wears women’s clothes? Someone who nags their spouse? Anyone can do those things.

Turns out there’s only one thing that defines what a woman is – biology. If you have XX chromosomes and a vagina you’re a woman. You can think you’re a woman and believe it all you want. You can demand people call you that and bully places into letting you use the women’s bathroom. But at the end of the day you will never be able to be the thing you think you are, because you can’t even define what that thing is.


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