Transgender Dude Shames And Flips Out On Based Sonic Manager For Assuming He Was A Man


This is Eden Torres from Houston.

He’s a transgender activist and attention whore, who up until about a year ago looked like this.

But now that this grown man put on a wig and some makeup you have to play along with his delusions of being a woman, and you must NEVER misgender him.

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A manager at a Sonic learned that the hard way when Eden went through the drive through and handed them his credit card, which had his “dead name” (AKA, birth name) on it. Since he was born a man the minimum wage employee read the card and assumed they were speaking to a man. This unforgivable act of violence nearly made his non-existent ovaries explode, and Eden demanded to see the manager who came out to speak with him. The manager attempted to speak with him, and even offered an apology, but it wasn’t enough for Tony Testicles who began filming and berating him, before uploading the video to Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok, where it received millions of views.

That guy deserves a raise for not punching that dude in the face and defending his employees, who did absolutely nothing wrong. He’s clearly an immigrant and came to this country to work hard, pay taxes, and contribute to society. He goes to work, and this dude who is pretending to be a chick and votes for the party that pretends to care about immigrants, harasses and shames him for doing his job.

As a member of the servant class the manager is forced to wear a mask, while the privileged elitist in his car doesn’t have to. I’ve never seen an interaction that better encapsulates the modern day values of the left more than this video.

“What about me looks like a sir right now?”

Probably the Adam’s apple and five o’clock shadow, my guy.

“They saw the name on my credit card and they were not being nice people.”

They saw a man’s name on a credit card and assumed they were speaking to a man. They were right.

“Can you tell me what your location has done to be trans-competent? Because clearly they are not.”

These people are just bullies, and they get away it because no one ever stands up to them. It’s not enough for them to just dress how they want to dress. They have to impose their mental delusions on you by forcing you to let them shower with your wife and refer to them as anatomically incorrect pronouns. If you’re ever caught in a position like this the correct response is, “we’ve done nothing to be trans-competent, because we sell cheap food and don’t really have time to cater to your mental illness.” This dude is so trans he goes to Wendy’s and demands that you call it Jeff’s.

“I’m not gay, we’re talking about my gender identity, not my sexuality.”

Oh yea, you’re not gay at all.

No way.

Newsflash – if you had sex with men, and then “became a woman,” you’re still very gay. People with balls who play around with other people’s balls are in fact homosexual, regardless of what they “identify” as.

What really set him off was the final interaction.

Based Manager: “What are you? So I know what to call you.”

Tony Testicles: “Why does it matter?”

Based Manager: “What are you?”

Tony Testicles: “What would you assume that I am by looking at me?”

Based Manager: “I would assume that you are a man.”

Dude couldn’t believe it.

Yea man, you’re grizzled. You asked a question and the manager gave you a truthful answer. I know you’re used to people bowing to you, but you ran into the wrong Sonic manager today.

What Eden Torres really wanted was attention, because at their core people like this are just narcissists. They’re bullies, but they’ve convinced the world that they’re being bullied by the very people who they are bullying. Eden wanted this video to be shared far and wide and he succeeded. His goal was to shame a low wage worker, then once again claim victim status when people on social media criticized him.

Sonic ultimately did what all major corporations do – caved.

Then they got destroyed in the comments, and likely cost themselves some customers because they’re too stupid to realize that any normal person who watched that video would side with the manager. When will businesses wake up and realize that Americans are thirsty to give their money to businesses that stand up to the woke mob?

This whole thing was just a well-timed stunt, because Eden went to Austin today to speak in front of the State Legislature about some trans bill that will almost definitely fail because unlike Massachusetts there is still hope for Texas. The crazy part is that the vast majority of people, even democrats, think that people like Eden Torres are bad. Yet major political figures on the left like Beto O’Rourke cater to them and make us call mothers “birthing people,” now.

This is why conservatives have to stop playing the game. I’ll be on Gerry Callahan tomorrow, and I’m gonna call him out for talking about this on his show today because he kept referring to Eden as “her.” I understand that we’re told that this is just being “polite,” but what you’re actually doing is giving into and legitimizing their insane political agenda. If you can’t point out that a man is a man, and if you use the pronouns that they demand you do, then what exactly are you conserving?


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