Transgender Man Beats Up Girlfriend On Meth Mile, Asks To Be Search By Female Cops And Go To Men’s Jail, Changes Mind And Goes To Women’s Jail Instead


This is Donna Adams from the South End.

Donna is a chick who says she’s a dude now ,and for several months she was dating a woman named from East Boston.

Biologically speaking this would make them lesbians. Trangenderily speaking this would make them a heterosexual couple in need of a turkey baster and some sex toys. I’d say that Donna sits down to pee, but I think squat in an alley is more accurate.

In April their relationship took a turn for the ratchet when they got into an argument near meth mile over who took whose wallet. That’s when Donna allegedly started pounding his/her girlfriend in the face.

Adams was arrested and charged with A&B on a family member, but the booking process got complicated when they had to figure out what jail this BLT-123 would be going to.

Just to review:

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  • Butch Acidy wanted to be treated as a male, despite being biologically female
  • He/she asked for female officers to search he/him despite claiming to be male
  • He/she asked to be placed with male prisoners
  • He/she changed his mind when he realized that his taco would be in danger of being stuffed by aggressive male prisoners and decided to become female again

This is your friendly reminder that transgenderism is a mental disorder and no serious person should take it seriously. Men claim to be women much more frequently than vice versa specifically because of what happened in this incident. Women’s jail is a lot less dangerous for biological men, and women’s sports are a lot easier to dominate for biological men. No woman wants to end up in men’s jail, nor is their any advantage to be gained for biological women to play on men’s sports teams. They’re only transgender when there’s something to be gained from being transgender.


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