Transgender Northampton 5th Grade Teacher Brags About Ignoring Parent’s Requests To Use Biologically Correct Gender Pronouns


This is Kieran Slattery, a 5th grade teacher at Jackson Street School in Northampton.

She is a woman who graduated from Mount Holyoke, took a bunch of hormones that made her grow a pubestache and sound like one of the munchkins from the Lollypop Guild, and now calls herself a man and gets paid to go around giving speeches about the gender spectrum.

Recently Kieran was invited to take part in a virtual speaking panel called “Creating and Sustaining GSAs in Elementary Schools,” because they’re not even attempting to hide the fact that the LBGT lobby is grooming and indoctrinating children anymore. During the panel someone asked what teachers should do with parent requests that they address their children by the sex listed on their birth certificates, as opposed to calling kids by whatever made up pronouns they come up with. Kieran said she would ignore the parents and humor the gender confused children she’s grooming.

Just listen to her voice. Does that sound like a healthy person? There’s nothing natural about that, and despite her attempts to pretend like she’s happy she’s really just an angry sociopath who should be arrested and put in jail for the rest of her life. That’s what a serious society would do with communists like this.

“But here at school, the expectation is that all of my students feel comfortable and welcome in my classroom. So, in my classroom, I will refer to your child by whatever name and pronouns that they’ve told me they feel most comfortable with.” 

It’s not “your classroom.” It belongs to the taxpayers. The children who go there every day to learn are not YOUR students either, they belong to their parents. You were just randomly assigned these kids because you temporarily have this job that millions of other people could do if you switched careers. Someone taught in that 5th grade classroom before you and someone will teach in it after you. It will never be yours.

She flat out told parents that she’s the Mommy and the Daddy now in her classroom.

‘I just say, like, ‘That sounds like it works really well for you at home, and you can absolutely choose to do whatever you like at home. In my classroom – and I even say, like, every year I start out my year by sending home information to caregivers that says, like, ‘Just so you know, this is an affirming class – the way that I affirm students is I call them by the names they ask to be called by and use their correct pronouns. I just told them – maybe that’s not helpful – I just told them, ‘No, respectfully, no. And they eventually, kind of like, found another topic to squawk about.”

Prefacing something with “respectfully” doesn’t make it respectful when you’re telling parents you won’t respect their wishes. But Thank you for giving parents the freedom to speak to THEIR children how they see fit in THEIR homes. That was very gracious of you ma’am. However, the people you’re speaking to are called “parents,” not “caregivers,” and the “correct pronouns” are the ones that align with whatever is in between their legs. The fact that parents have brought this up to her means they’re not lunatics like Mimi Lemay who let their children make decisions like this at a young age. But instead of being supported they’re being undermined by this agenda driven communist monster.

People like Kieran Slattery are deviants who shouldn’t be anywhere around anyone’s children. Most of them have no kids themselves and think that other people’s children belong to them. They don’t, and you have no right to groom them. Just because you’re mentally ill and chose to sound like the Micro Machine Man with emphysema, doesn’t give you the right to encourage kids to go down the same self destructive path you did. Our children will NEVER belong to you, and you will call them by the names and pronouns that we tell you to.



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