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Poor Behavior

Transgender “Woman” Assaults And Spits On Employee At Woonsocket Dollar Tree Who Caught “Her” Stealing


Here’s a video that was posted on Facebook showing what happened at the Dollar Tree in Woonsocket when a BLT-123 was confronted about stealing by an employee.

If there are three things that will almost guarantee will end up on TB Daily News they are:

  1. An out of control BLT-123
  2. The Dollar Store
  3. Woonsocket

This perfect storm of ratchetry was on full display in this video, and it’s actually pretty disgusting to watch.

If you know who this guy is please feel free to reach out on Facebook or email [email protected] Our sources say that he has been arrested, but I’d like to confirm. And he better be in dude jail, because as you can see he represents a serious threat to women.

Normally I’d just laugh at people like this, but we are literally rewriting our laws to accomodate men like this. We have presidential candidates advocating for guys like this to go to women’s prison, where their overwhelming physical advantages from being male give them the unique ability to harm and sexually assault women.

It’s almost as if men who think they’re women are suffering from some sort of mental disorder or something. Every time I see a BLT-123 online or on TV they are doing something crazy, which makes sense because they think they are women. But instead of dismissing and/or laughing at these ridiculous claims, we as a society are forced to play along with their madness or get scolded by the BLT-123 mafia for our lack of wokeness.

That employee probably makes minimum wage, and here you this pretty strong looking dude getting up in her her grill, pushing her, spitting in her face, and smashing bottles that she’ll have to clean up. He does this because in his mind he is a woman, so it’s OK for him to assault a woman. He thinks this because we’ve told him that he is and used whatever pronouns he demands we use. Except he’s not a woman, and the employee is, which gives him a distinct and dangerous advantage.

This is why people like Elizabeth Warren are the ultimate hypocrites. On the one hand they claim to be feminists and support women, and on the other hand they advocate for people like this who represent a threat to women. If you helped normalize this then you are part of the problem.


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