Transient Maine Veteran Attempts To Shame Single Mother He Scammed Out Of $100 By Putting Himself On Blast On Facebook Before She Can


This is Cory Toothaker from Augusta, ME.

Cory is a bootleg Landon Steele – a loser who hides behind his veteran status for clout, grows a long beard to try to look tough, doesn’t have a job, and mooches off of women. He often shamelessly begs for free stuff on Facebook.

For whatever reason unemployed drug addicts with no cars are drawn to Maine like the plague, because apparently that’s the only place they can find affordable housing.

What he fails mention in his pathetic cries for pity and handouts is all the times he’s been arrested for drug trafficking, driving to endanger, theft, and assault.


Just like Landon Steele he preys on women who won’t Google him, and assume he’s a decent guy who’s just having a hard time with life. Cory recently asked a woman named Amanda, who he barely knows, for $100. He told her that his hotel room was robbed and they took his laptop, Apple watch, iPhone 13, and debit cards, and he made her feel bad for him by telling her that his son’s birthday was coming up.


He promised her that he gets a $3,800 monthly check from the VA, so he was good for it to pay her back.


He was supposed to pay her back on April 1, but by March 23 he was already asking her for more money so that he could take her out for dinner.


Ya got that? He’s asking this woman out and offering to pay for dinner with her money. What gal wouldn’t get moist from that? Sadly she declined, so he never paid her the $100 he owed, and gave her the usual excuses that lowlifes like this tend to give.


The single mother who helped him in his time of need out of the goodness of her own heart, got tired of being played and told him that she was going to put him on blast for being a deadbeat. He then pulled the rarely seen ratchet move of putting himself on blast first.

Bold move Cotton, let’s see how it plays out.

GI Sloppy Joe bragged that he put himself on blast, and said that this made him a winner.


“I’m not embarrassed.”

And therein lies the problem. We live in a country where grown men like this aren’t shamed and humiliated to ask strangers for handouts. They should be though, because it’s embarrassing and shameful.

Like deadbeats always do, Bootleg Landon Steele claimed that he was going to pay her back and made it clear that he has PLENTY of money.

He has LOTS of money to pay back, but that’s not the point. Cory demands respect as well, which means single moms will have to wait patiently to get the money he has and owes them until he decides it’s an acceptable time to pay them back. He’s not poor or broke, he just goes through his friends list once in a while and DMs dozens of people he barely knows to ask them for $100. Things are going great for him! He can afford to go to restaurants in Boston and order cheeseburgers with fries AND bacon!

He can’t afford to pay back single mothers but he can afford to buy license plates from random states as part of his hobby.

And remarkably this guy actually seems to have a girlfriend/fiance, who has a thing for unemployed men with no cars and long criminal records who occasionally ask women out who they’re already indebted to and justify wife killing on Facebook.

And just like Landon Steele he’s really into guns too.

He just needs money for ammo, so hit up his Cashapp if you’re feeling generous and don’t like getting repaid.


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