Poor Behavior

Transient Parents Arrested For Throwing Rocks At Guests At Vernon Welfare Motel 6 Seek To Regain Custody Of Kids While Breeding Cats And Selling Food Stamps


This is Jeremiah Eastman and Crystal Weidler from Vernon, CT.

They’ve made the horrible decision to reproduce four times together, and their semen demons currently are in the custody of Crystal’s mother in Virginia, but they’re trying to get them back.

This would a disaster for several reasons. Let’s start with the fact that they recently were arrested at the Vernon Motel 6,  where they live, for throwing a rock at another guest.

Vernon police have made another arrest for a serious assault at the local Motel 6, this time in connection with an altercation involving a thrown rock. Sunday’s incident comes about three months after the owner was shot and killed in a dispute over a pool pass, police records show. Sunday’s incident was also near the pool. According to arrest report, the altercation broke out at 9 p.m. The couple — 36-year-old Crystal Wiedler and 38-year-old Jeremiah Eastman, who were both apparently living at the hotel according to an arrest report — began fighting with another guest. A rock was thrown and the other guest was injured, police said. Eastman was charged with second-degree assault and second-degree breach of peace.

Sometimes you just have to throw rocks at people at the Motel 6 I suppose. Crackhead Julie DiCaro and Jerry Gingivitis seem to often find themselves in predicaments like this.

Despite not having their kids, a car, bed sheets, or a home, they do have plenty of cats. Choosing to take care of your cats over your kids might seem like a bad life decision, but at least their unfixed kittens can live their lives in small cages, thinking about how much better cats have it in Vietnam.

All the mammals in that motel room are reproducing with reckless abandon.

Despite occasionally staying at a welfare motel they sometimes find themselves homeless and living in tents. Unfortunately they don’t have 100,000 followers on Instagram so they can’t monetize their domestic refugee status.

And although both able bodied and in their 30’s, Crystal and Jeremiah collect food stamps for a living, which they sell on Facebook of course.

This love story is not always smiles and sunshines though, as they frequently have public breakups on Facebook over who stole whose drug money, and who called DCF on who that week.

Don’t worry though – they always get back together.


Rather than accept responsibility for their life failures, which are completely and only their fault, they still blame pretty much everyone but themselves. For instance, last year she expected the Boys and Girls Club to play Santa for her family of DCF ping pong bills, and when she couldn’t follow directions she decided to smear the charity online by calling them thieves for donating toys to more deserving families.

Meanwhile, Jerry Gingivitis has no tolerance for his “friends” who be acting like a bunch of “fake ass b**** n***as,” he’s working towards a sustainable career as a YouTube star, and he doesn’t seem to care for black people much.

Let’s hope they are not allowed around their children again. Ever.



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