Tucker Carlson’s Producer Gregg Re Stole My Work On Dasha Kelly Story After DMing On Twitter And Promising To Cite His Work For Fox News Story


This is Gregg Re, one of the producers of Tucker Carlson Tonight.


Tucker is one of my idols, and I admire him for his wit, humor, and refusal to ever cower to the cancel mobs. So I was excited to see that one of his producers (3G Gregg) liked one of my tweets reporting the Dasha Kelly story on Sunday, and followed me. I reached out to him to tell him about how I had gotten CNN to investigate their own story after misreporting it. He gave me advice on how to promote it, told me to focus on blaming CNN (Fox’s competitor), and said he’d pitch the story to Tucker.

Then today Fox News published a story about my reporting on CNN, written by Brian Flood, which listed Gregg Re as a contributor. It was widely shared on Fox News’ social media accounts.

However, the story did not link to TB Daily News so I reached out to Brian Flood, who was now following me on Twitter as well. He admitted that we were “all over this,” said “nice work,” and insinuated that he would be updating the story with a link.

But nothing came of it so I reached out to Gregg Re, who also contributed to the story.

Gregg said that he made the request to have my reporting linked in the Fox News article, and said he would do it himself (because he had the power to) if it was not done within an hour. He then spent the rest of the day ignoring me before ultimately blocking me when I called him out for this on Twitter.

Ironically he liked a tweet from Mike Cernovich crediting Turtleboy for the story.

Last month something very similar happened with another reporter I looked up to – Andy Ngo. I respected him a lot for his work exposing Antifa and race hoaxes, so I reached out to him about the Mikayla Miller story, got him in contact with her ex-girlfriend’s mother, set up the interview, and gave him all my reporting. When he finally published in Newsweek he did not cite or mention me. Finally I began publishing screenshots of our conversation on Twitter and he messaged me asking to remove them, which I did after he gave me a shoutout on Twitter – the bare minimum he could offer for my work.

After that I vowed never to kiss these people’s asses just because they have larger platforms than I do. I know that most would recommend not burning bridges with people you could potentially network with later, but my pride and dignity won’t allow it. These are just people, not Gods, and they took a steamy dump on my face, stole my work and labor, and passed it off as their own. I wouldn’t be who I am if I let people walk all over me. I call people out for shitty behavior, especially when they’re in the media.

I work tirelessly with my reporting. I research, I reach out to sources, I interview, and I pay the price for it. I’ve been sued dozens of times, I’m constantly getting restraining orders put on me, I’ve been banned from every social media network, I’ve dealt with more death threats than anyone else in the media, I had a mental health breakdown earlier this year, and I’m still here. I’ve had stories stolen from me more times than I can count, which they only do because they arbitrarily deem that I am not legitimate enough to cite.

I knew this story would blow up, and within hours influential conservative blue checkmarks with millions of followers were retweeting the Fox News story, which did not cite me.

Had Fox News done so I could’ve picked up thousands of new followers today, which would’ve helped me a lot professionally. I had alerted Matt Walsh to the story three days ago:

In fairness, he has over 600,000 followers, and probably doesn’t read all his DMs. In Twitter world, blue checkmarks ignore you if you’re not a blue checkmark. It’s why getting big breaks are so important, and why Andy Ngo and Fox News let me down big time.

Well, I’m doing being taken advantage of by people because they deem themselves more influential than I am. This is my livelihood, I pour everything into it, and I won’t allow myself to get walked on by pencil pushing blue checkmark dweebs like Gregg Re. If you feel the same way I urge you to DM Gregg Re on Twitter @Gregg_Re or email him at [email protected]


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