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Turtleboy Live Stream Presidential Debate #2


10:39 – I’m pretty biased, but I don’t understand how anyone cannot think Trump won that debate. He was cool, composed, and not his normal self. Biden was angry, didn’t look like he wanted to be there, and had many of his world famous gaffes. Not sure if that will change anything, but clearly this country is not in good hands with that senile man we saw on the right.


10:32 – This debate went 5 minutes too long. Biden just came out against oil. Wow.


10:26 – Joe Biden took 4 days off from campaigning to prepare, and this was the best he could do.


10:22 – That was the most awkward silence I’ve ever heard in a debate.


10:20 – So far Biden called Lincoln a racist and suggested that America liked Hitler. He’s really on a roll tonight.


10:19 – “The poor boys.”


10:18 – Biden really called a scandal filled with evidence, documents, and witnesses, “Russian disinformation.” Nothing these people say is real.


10:16 – No Joe, I’m not going to your stupid website. If you have a point try making it now. This is a debate after all.


10:10 – Joe Biden never gave “the talk” to his daughter, who died when she was 1 year old. 


10:09 – White kids get “the talk” to. It’s really simple – don’t fuck with the police or break the law and you’ll be good.


10:05 – A great way to not get separated from your child is to not cross an international border illegally with them in tow.


10:02 – Biden’s plan is to force small businesses who were just shut down to pay their employees more money. What could possibly go wrong?


9:59 – Biden is coming across as angry and flustered. Trump is coming across as composed and cool. Good thing Biden spent 4 days hiding and prepping for this.


9:56 – Remember when black lives matter and their riots were an issue, and then the democrats stopped talking about it because it was a winning issue for Trump? People care more about that then social security.


9:55 – Joe Biden should probably avoid calling other people confused.


9:48 – Is Daniel Dale gonna fact check that Hitler comment? Under the Lend Lease act we were giving weapons to the Russians and British to kill Germans.


9:46 – Did Biden really just say we had a good relationship with Hitler? Sounds like Russian disinformation.


9:45 – Joe’s drugs are wearing off and we’re only halfway done.


9:42 – Just a reminder to Joe Biden that the economy was better than ever and then the democrats intentionally shut it down.


9:38 – “They’re like a vaccuum cleaner. All they do is suck everything up.” – Trump, talking about the Biden family.


9:33 – Trump is falling for the trap by talking about his own taxes. The topic was Hunter. Stick with it.


9:32 – Trump asks him to explain the Hunter scandal and Joe immediately changes the subject to Trump’s taxes because he is guilty.


9:30 – How has Trump not mentioned Hunter yet? Biden just said Rudy was a Russian asset. Gloves should be off at this point. Must’ve taken his pills.


9:27 – “China will pay the price.” – Joe Biden

And by that he means, whatever Hunter demands for a salary in return for influence with the Big Guy.



9:23 – Joe Biden wants us to be tested before we go in a restaurant. That’s not a plan.


9:22 – Biden basically just told teachers to shut the fuck up and go back to school. His handlers are so pissed right now.


9:19 – Biden was asked a simple question – will you shut down the country again? He rambled for 3 minutes and didn’t answer the question.


9:16 – I still don’t know anyone who died from or was hospitalized with COVID. They act like this is some disease that has affected everyone.


9:14 – Trump just owned him with that basement dig. Biden hid for 4 days preparing for this debate and he looks like shit.


9:13 – No one cares about anything they’ve talked about so far. Just talk about Hunter.


9:09 – Saying that masks would save 100K lives is Russian disinformation.


9:08 – Literally the only thing the democrats known how to do is list off the grossly exaggerated death count from COVID and falsely attribute it to Trump.


9:05 – Of course Biden comes out virtue signaling with his stupid mask on, just so we can see him take it off.



Twelve days from now Donald Trump will be re-elected President of the United States. I didn’t feel that confident until I started seeing polls putting Biden ahead by 11 in Florida. Clearly, anyone who gets a poll result like that and doesn’t immediately throw it out cannot be trusted. It might seem like things aren’t looking good, but there are millions of people who will be voting for Trump and wouldn’t dare say it out loud. Tonight is the final debate, and Trump’s chance to put the nail in Sleep Joe’s coffin. I will be live streaming on our YouTube channel, live tweeting, AND live blogging on this blog.

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I’ll be refreshing this blog throughout the debate, so you can keep up with the hot debate takes.

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