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Turtleboy Will Be In Boston Today To Attend MLK Statue Dedication With Billboard Chris, Nicole Solas, And Michelle Wu


There won’t be much content today on the blog because I’ll be driving to Boston to attend the dedication of the MLK statue with my friends Billboard Chris and Nicole Solas. Michelle Wu and Elizabeth Warren will be there, and I hope to be able to ask them some questions, because I have a lot of them. I’ll be there somewhere around 1, and all are welcome to join. Odds are I’ll be doing some live streaming on YouTube from there, so you can follow by subscribing to our YouTube channel by clicking here, and hitting the notification bell to alert you when we go live. Could be interesting.

I’ve written about and interviewed both Chris and Nicole before, and they both do great work. Chris is one of the most outspoken advocates in North America against the genital mutilation of children, and Boston Children’s Hospital has proven to be one of most egregious perpetrators of this. He came here in September to protest them and was harassed and stalked by some Antifa losers.


Interviewing Billboard Chris and Nicole Solas on Turtleboy Live in September 2022 (11:35 mark)

Mayor Wu accused Chris of going on a “national intimidation tour” and called genital mutilation of children “life saving care.”

But it’s hard to say argue that you’re an advocate for children when you’re the one trying to help 15 year old girls get their breasts chopped off.

Nicole made national headlines last year when she was sued by her children’s school district for inquiring about what was being taught in the schools. She was later kicked off Twitter 1.0 for voicing the undeniable fact that men cannot become women, but has since been allowed back on the platform by Elon Musks’s Twitter 2.0. All you need to know about her is that the twerking lady from Rhode Island calls her a domestic terrorist and a white supremacist, which means Nicole is probably doing something right.








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