Law and Order

Two Fitchburg High School Students Arrested For Vicious Beating Caught On Tape, Knife Found Afterwards


A student at Fitchburg High School was viciously attacked yesterday in the hallways by a group of students and it was all caught on film.

WCVB reported that two students were arrested and police found a knife on one of them following the fight. The FPS released the following statement:

“Some students engage in a physical fight….”

This was not a fight. Fights involve both parties having a chance to hit the other. This was a vicious, organized beating that could’ve killed the victim if it had gone on much longer. He was dragged to the corner by a mob where he would be as far away from teachers as possible.

From there they pounced on him like a pack of starving hyenas trying feed on a leftover wildebeest a carcass.

The whole thing lasted 20 seconds.

My thoughts on this are simple:

  1. Anyone who thinks we should get rid of school resource officers is a person who knows nothing about the reality of public schools, and their opinion on everything should be disregarded. They live in a fantasy world, far removed from the realities of day to day life in urban public schools. They repeat meaningless buzzwords like “equity,” and “restorative justice,” because they read about it in Ibram Kendi’s latest best seller. They are getting children hurt. Teachers are not trained or equipped to break up beatings orchestrated by armed gang bangers, nor should they be. Police are.
  2. Every kid involved in that beating should be expelled and never allowed to set foot in a public school again. A free public education is a right, but so is gun ownership. We take away the latter from people who have orders put on them, and we can take away the former from those who waste their free public education by bringing knives to school and beating the shit out of other students.
  3. This is not a reflection on the Fitchburg Public Schools, administrators, or teachers. It’s a reflection on the parenting and the lack of moral upbringing these boys have had. Like any other urban public school there are plenty of children who come to school ready to learn, and have teachers there to help them. The school didn’t make them this way, the parents did.


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