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Law and Order

Umass Amherst Employee Emily Hunerwadel Urges Protesters To Urinate Or Throw Up In Squad Cars After Being Arrested To Tie Up Police Resources


Emily Hunerwadel is a Northampton activist who majored in poetry and is now the “Interim Communications Manager at the College of Natural Sciences at UMass Amherst.

So obviously she’s very important.

She really doesn’t like police or law enforcement, and has completely bought into the lie that people of color are unsafe due to their presence.

She wants to defund the Northampton Police.

She also wants radical SJW mayor David Narkewicz removed from office because he’s a grownup and snickered at the idea of completely getting rid of the cops.

Keep in mind, this guy is a pandering fool who once called TB racist because we broke the story about the Northampton Public Schools cancelling High 5 Friday after two activist parents complained that their biracial kids would be scared to give a cop a high 5 on the way into school.

“You have to start with how this story got launched by the blogger-who-shall-not-be named,” Narkewicz said, referring to Turtle Boy Sports, the anonymous blogger who wrote on the issue last Friday.

That first post was “laced in misogyny, homophobia, outright racism, frankly,” Narkewicz said, setting the story up to spiral.

If a virtue signaling twat like David Narkewicz isn’t liberal enough for you then you’re two steps to the left of Karl Marx.

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 2.05.49 PM

As you can imagine, Emily is big into protesting, pandering, and checking her privilege. The other day she posted some advice for protesters who get arrested for rioting.

Soil yourself or puke in the squad car on purpose. It won’t help you, but it will tie up police resources and endanger everyone else instead. Again, this an employee of the University of Massachusetts, referring to cops as “pig stench.”

This was her inspiration, Zoe Tuck.

As you can see, Zey sure is a handsome woman.

She also posted a warning on IG to her comrades about a Holyoke cop who she says stalked her by looking at her public posts, complained to UMass about them, and has the audacity to follow a blue lives matter page.

“We can make a case against her.”

This is a grown adult collecting a taxpayer funded salary, urging people to piss in cop cars. People like her are the reason that college tuition costs are through the roofs and an army of morons keeps graduating with debt that they expect will magically be forgiven. In a sane world she’d be fired for urging people to piss themselves in a cop car after getting arrested, but at UMass they’ll probably give her an award.


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