Poor Behavior

UMass Boston Professor Of Conflict Resolution Picks Fight With Maynard 3rd Grade Teacher For Letting Kids Dress Up For Thanksgiving Reenactment 


This is Karen Ross, an “associate professor and conflict resolution graduate program director” at UMass Boston.

As you can see she looks exactly how you would imagine an academia hack with a made up job title would look like. When you graduate from her class you will be able to draw doodles that can act as a “potential force for liberation.”

Whatever that means.

You would think that someone whose job title is literally conflict resolution director would like to avoid conflict, but her name is Karen and the haircut matches, so today she decided to pick a fight with a third grade teacher for celebrating Thanksgiving.

These people are such ghouls, and it’s OK to laugh at them. They barely count as real people, and their opinions are not genuine or important. Imagine how comfortable your life must be, and how expendable your job is, if you have time in your day to organize email campaigns against a school because they let the kids play dress up for Thanksgiving.

How exactly do you perpetuate stereotypes with Pilgrims and Native Americans? One wore knitted European clothing, the other wore whatever they could put together from dead animals. But I guess learning about history is NOT in line with equity and anti-racism, so the hens are gonna complain about it until Thanksgiving is cancelled. Indigenous families (if they exist in Maynard) could be harmed!

Instead of laughing off this woman like the joke that she is Superintendent Brian Haas sent out this to parents:

‘It is considered by some to be a national day of mourning.”

No it’s not. There isn’t a single person who mourns on Thanksgiving. It’s just something someone said on Twitter one time and people decided to be outraged about. It’s a celebration of peace and horrible food. I get the outrage with Christopher Columbus, but what did the Pilgrims do wrong? Come to this half of the world and share a meal with the locals? I could understand if the Pilgrims brought this person with them:

I’d be in mourning if I had to look at her face too. But you’d think a conflict director like her would stop looking for conflict where it doesn’t exist.


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