UMass Med School Student And Former Clinton Foundation Intern Caught Trying To Meet Up With 14 Year Old Boy For Sex 


This is Stephane Lobassiere, an aspiring social epidemiologist who currently is working towards his PhD at UMass Med School.

Stephane has a bright future in the Democratic Party because he is a black, gay, Haitian immigrant, and uses his various identities to help climb the ladder. According to his LinkedIn bio Stephane says he wants to “research how individuals, neighborhoods, and policies contribute to health disparities and health outcomes for minority populations both nationally and globally. Methodologically, my focus is on using multi-level modeling, mixed methods research, community-engaged research to explore how social, psychological, political, and economic factors contribute to health and health inequalities.”

Health disparities, minority populations, community engaged research, health inequalities. That’s one away from a woke Bingo.


According to his Facebook Stephane has previously worked for the Clinton Foundation, Bill de Blasio’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, and the New York City Department of Health.


Due to his politics and identity Stephane is able to rub shoulders with people like Elizabeth Warren and Bill Clinton.


On social media he constantly rags on conservatives for having a lack of principles, plays up his identity as a black immigrant, brags about being a poll worker, and spews other talking points that will earn him favor with rich and powerful white people who can get him jobs.


He’s also previously worked at Johns Hopkins.


But most importantly, he’s vaccinated.


Stephane certainly had every privilege possible to enable him to continue his meteoric rise in Democratic politics. However, that may be stunted by the fact that he’s also a pedophile who was our friend Jay’s latest catch for Mass Predator Poachers. Last week Stephane hit up what he thought was an underage boy, using his “Power bottom” account on Grindr.


Instead of starting with hello he asked “Joey” if he was a top.


Joey told him he was 14, and like most pedophiles Stephane initially was hesitant.


At this point a responsible adult would just walk away. Not Petey Power Bottom though. He wanted to know if the child came on Grindr for sex or conversations and asked him for pictures. Jay immediately sent him the decoy pictures.


But Petey Power Bottom wasn’t impressed. He wanted the kiddie dick pics and told the child that he could wait until he was of legal age before turning around and accepting the teenage tuna torpedo.


As usual, the first thing Freddie Fudgesicle wanted to know about the 14 year old wasn’t where he went to school or what his favorite subject was. He wanted to know what these people always wanna know – how many inches was this child’s rectum rod?

Find someone who loves you like Petey Power Bottom loves his own ass.

From there things got extremely inappropriate.

They don’t teach that at Johns Hopkins.

Just like 99% of these deviants Petey Power Bottom ignored his previous objection to the fact that he was talking to a minor, and quickly made plans to meet up away from the child’s mother.


He told this 14 year old boy that he would reward him with a massage after one hour of posterior pounding.

Clearly he didn’t see anything wrong with making plans with a 14 year old to sneak around without the child’s mother noticing so that he could use him for sexual pleasure. He was way too in the bone zone at this point to back out.


He was really, really set on the one hour thing.


Finally they made plans for the 14 year old boy to Uber to Lincoln Street for a trip to Strokeback Mountain.


But instead of a 14 year old boy there to give him 60 minutes of raping, Mr. UMass Ped School was greeted by a Puerto Rican man in his late 30’s with a Go Pro to give him 60 minutes of taping. This is by far the longest video I’ve ever seen Jay do, and you will never see a pedophile so willing to try to talk his way out of one of these things on camera.


That face you make when a 14 year old won’t be exploring your bottom like Magellan as planned.

He should’ve gone to law school instead of med school because these excuses weren’t cutting it:

“I honestly thought he was 18”

“I was like, keep it quick, we’re not gonna do anything”


“I was just gonna chat with him”

“I was joking”

Yea, lots of people joke around by inviting 14 year olds over for sex. Almost as funny as Amy Schumer’s standup.

Never heard this excuse before:

“I thought it was a prank.”

I mean, technically it was a prank, except you were the only one who wasn’t in on it.

Anyway, if Petey Power Bottom really wanted to be a doctor who made it big in Democratic politics without repressing his desire to groom and exploit children, then he should’ve become a surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital.



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