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Umass Memorial Doctor Demands West Boylston Police Chief Be Fired For Refusing To Enforce Unconstitutional Lockdown Orders


The Turtlegram and Gazette published a story today about the West Boylston Police Chief refusing to enforce lockdown orders, and some people who are upset about this. However, because the T&G has a tendency to send me cease and desist letters from their attorneys when I quote them in blogs, I will instead link their story and provide some bullet points instead.

  • West Boylston Police Chief Dennis Minnich Sr. sent an email to the Department of Public Health in Worcester telling them that WB Police would not be enforcing the lockdown anymore because it’s not constitutional to do so. The woman who runs the Worcester Public Health Department is also a Karyn with a Y. “Karyn, I hope that all is well with you. I am alerting all of our businesses today that this ‘shut down’ is unconstitutional and illegal and that the PD will not enforce any actions by the B of H and furthermore that they should advise the ‘agents’ of the B of H to leave the premises immediately. These so called ‘Orders’ by the Governor are not valid nor (constitutional) and will not be enforced.”
  • The Cheif did say in the email that he would be enforcing no trespass orders though:“The WBPD will most certainly follow trespassing policies which are to arrest trespasses after notice. Please advise your personnel so as to avoid any issues.
  • A doctor from UMass Memorial named John Sullivan decided this was a threat to health agents and Karens galore, and is demanding that the chief be fired for the email.
  • The chief said he’d apologize if his email was misinterpreted but he still won’t enforce the “orders” from Governor Charlie Baker
  • The chief has been in law enforcement for over 40 years and is known for being blunt and honest

God Bless Chief Minnich. Truly one of the good ones. We need more cops to stand up and make it clear that their officers did not sign up to be mask narcs. Their loyalty is to the constitution, not some poll driven “order” from a Governor.

The first thing I do when I see someone advocating for the lockdown is search for who they contributed to on OCPF.

Dr. Sullivan gave Timmy Murray $500 despite being under investigation for a housing scandal and a mysterious car crash on 190 at 5 in the morning. Almost as if Team Lockdown has become a politically motivated group of tyrants who want the economy to tank so their team can win in November.

Dr. Sullivan is collecting a full salary while advocating for policies that are destroying businesses in West Boylston. I used to go to WB all the time and spend money, but not since the Charlie Baker lockdown began. All those places are being decimated but Dr. Sullivan doesn’t care about them because he’s making a six figure salary. He knows this wasn’t a threat, he just can’t stand the fact that the guy who is ultimately in charge of enforcing laws in his town will only be enforcing real laws, not made up “orders” that nobody voted on.

Here’s my question for Chief Minnich though – what’s up with this?

That part of the rail trail is 3 miles, half of which is in WB and the other half in Holden. The Holden half is still open and I use it all the time. I just go around the barrier when i reach the border halfway through, so what’s the point of this? And what part of shutting down a walking trail is constitutional? Surely Chief Minnich is aware that the healthiest place you can be is outside during this pandemic, because the virus does not transmit easily in the air, and sunlight helps kill the virus.

Tyler Ladden seems to like it though.

I’ll tell you who should be publicly shamed Tyler – men who wear outfits like this.

Shameful. Then again this is a man who is entertained by driving his Jeep through muddy puddles like white trash Pepa Pig.

A great way for the Chief to show that he’s serious about opening up would be to open up the rail trail (if it’s still up, haven’t been in a while). It kind of defeats the purpose when the people can just go to the Holden side. Or Rutland. Or anywhere else whee human beings congregate. Just sayin.


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