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Law and Order

Unarmed Devoted Father Shot By Police In Atlanta While Peacefully Resisting DUI Arrest, Stealing Taser, Assaulting Cops 


The shooting death of another “unarmed” black man by a white police officer in Atlanta has caused widespread civil unrest across the country again. Rayshard Brooks was passed out drunk in his car at a Wendy’s drive through, resisted arrest after failing a sobriety check, punched both police officers, wrestled with them, stole their tazer, ran, and then turned around and tazed one of them before he finally got shot.

The Police Chief resigned and got a cushy new job after this, and the Mayor of Atlanta demanded that the cop be fired, which he later was with zero due process. Which begs the question, what good is the police union if they don’t go to bat for their dues paying members when they need them the most? Every cop in Atlanta should refuse to report to work until he gets his job back. And when he does they should refuse to arrest anyone for a DUI, since complying is apparently optional.

It’s really simple – if you don’t want to get shot then don’t fight the cops, and especially don’t steal their tazers and shoot electricity at them. This isn’t that hard to understand. If you find a situation like this relatable, or if you’re standing up for Rayshard, then you are a morally depraved human being.

But of course it’s a black guy being killed by a white cop so it simply must be racist. Just ask the blue checkmarks.

We should just let people go after they steal weapons from the police. This is an actual position taken by a man who is a regular contributor at a major news network, and has his job because his father was a semi-famous civil rights leader in the 60’s.

Others argue that he fought the cops and ran for a perfectly legitimate reason.

Maybe he thought he had to. Maybe. This is a defense for resisting arrest now. It’s not a black person’s fault if they fight a cop or run away because simply interacting with a police officer puts their life in danger.

This was my favorite one.

Just so we are clear here, if we got rid of the cops a tow truck would’ve come and taken his car away and Rayshard would’ve just accepted this and gotten a ride home from the tow truck driver.

I can’t even deal with this level of stupidity. The guy who beat up not one, but two cops, and stole their tazer, somehow would’ve complied with a two truck driver or a Wendy’s employee? These people are far too removed from reality to even attempt to engage with, but there are millions of them.

The guy was plastered. Over 10,000 people a year are killed by drunk drivers, while less than 10 unarmed black men are killed every year by the police. Being drunk behind the wheel of a car is a potentially violent offense that endangers innocent civilians, and cops should treat each arrest as a life or death scenario.

Rayshard looks like a swell fella and a great role model for his daughter by the looks of his Facebook page.

These blue checkmarks are setting criminals of all races up for failure. Instead of telling them to stop behaving like lawless animals they blame everything on the cops. As if running from them, assaulting them, and breaking the law in general is some sort of birthright. Something they can’t help but doing. These are the expectations that black lives matter have for black people like Rayshard Brooks. This is how little they think of their judgment skills.

Oh well, I guess we’re onto the grieving stage…..

Get ready for more white women to open up their checkbooks because there’s gonna be a lot more white guilt to get rid of in the coming days and weeks.


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