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Unemployed Belchertown Mother Of 3 Starts GoFundMe To Have Tubes Untied After Meeting New Boyfriend But Can’t Afford To Feed Her Cat


This is Zanya Aghapour, originally from Worcester, who now lives in the Belchertown area.

She’s a 22 year old pregnancy factory with a small and growing litter of crotch nuggets and felines. Her Facebook bio describes herself as “real as f*** and suck my fat dick,” before announcing that she is the mother of three, with a variety of baby daddies.

Of course she doesn’t work because she prefers to sit at home all day, posting away on the half dozen Facebook accounts she currently operates, trying to get people to click on the latest pyramid scheme she’s attached herself to.

She also enjoys sharing intimate details about various ways in which she’s serviced which ever guy from the GED Mafia had his turn this week.

She was gonna diet and exercise, but it became easier to convince herself that men enjoy watching their hands disappear into a fupa abyss.

She’s suffering from Lizzo syndrome, where we tell women who are shaped like the moon that they are in fact physically attractive in order to prevent them from crying.

She’s got a new guy in her life now, and they plan on being together forever this time. They’ve made it all the way since…..2023. And they have the Colin Albert mirror selfies to prove it.


Yesterday she posted on a Ware Community Facebook group, asking for free cat food, because why on earth would this welfare marsupial think to pay for her own pets?

Some suggested that she should get a job, but that was clearly out of the question.


Some people suggested places she could pick up cat food, but she wanted people to buy it for her because she had no money.

Don’t worry though, she has plenty of money to get her eye lashes and nails done.

Someone went to the Monica Cannon-Grant School of Finance.

Turns out she had no choice but to have the cat because she has anxiety.

But wait a minute. If she finds some sucker to buy her cat food, and then the cat eats all the cat food, what will she do after that? Hit up her baby daddy of course. The same guy who won’t pay her child support.


If she had made a post like this in Wellesley she might’ve found some compassionate white liberals she could’ve suckered a few dollars out of. But this is Ware, and everyone’s broke and living off the government so pretty much everyone crapped all over her. She didn’t take it well.

But wait, it gets better. Turns out that the Belchertown Welfare Marsupial had her tubes tied, which was arguably the most responsible decision she’s ever made. The problem is that this unemployed single Mom who can’t feed her anxiety service cat wants to have another semen demon with the new guy, and recently started a $15K GoFundMe to get her tubes untied.

Sometimes the blogs just write themselves.

Luckily she’s only raised $10, which should indicate to her that the taxpayers who are financing her three children’s lives would rather have their hard earned money pay to fill in potholes, instead of filling her holes. And just because she found a new guy who’s willing to feed her some raw dog doesn’t mean doesn’t mean they have to reproduce together. I get it, add a couple more to the pile and the SSI checks will get a lot bigger. But if you can’t feed your cat, how you gonna feed two more kids?


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  1. Another mouth for the state to feed and support! Yup and nobody’s allowed to question or shame her it’s her body her choice right? You cannot make this shit up! Wasn’t there a similar story about a year or two ago the woman’s youngest was turning 18 benefits were stopping so she “panicked” and wanted $ raised for a reversed tubal ligation ?!? Add this one on the list for the next ratchet redemption.

  2. Entitled, ignorant, tr@shy…Sadly those kids will be raised to be the same way. I hope they get adopted by educated, loving, respectable people. I love it when young adults play “victim” and say older adults are picking on them…As if they should have their poor behavior indulged. Whoever raised her gets an F minus!

  3. Black Lives Matter. Just ask this dumpy, do-nothing- piece of shit.
    I pay $2500 in taxes every week? All I get is trash collection on Wednesday. No money goes to making the roads better. It all goes to these Welfare State pieces of shit, who sit on the couch, eat Cheetos, drink grape soda, and get drilled, on afforeametioned couch, by other do-nothing welfare frauds

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