Unemployed BLM Activist Starts $12K GoFundMe To Pay For Car, Carseat, Insurance, Makes White Women Pay Her Reparations While She Goes On Exotic Vacations


Before Monica there was Didi. This blog was mass reported on Facebook and ended up being the reason our page with 112K followers was permanently removed. It was worth it. 

This is Cambridge black lives matter professional “activist” Didi Delgado:

As you can see from her recent Aruba vacation and her inability to procure enough food to survive, she is oppressed. VERY oppressed.

We wrote about her for the first time back in early 2015 because as the leader of black lives matter Boston, she was holding a “no white people allowed” meeting to talk about the police shooting of career criminal Angelo West in Roxbury:

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 10.47.37 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 11.13.40 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 10.52.25 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 11.02.20 AM

If you recall, Angelo West shot a Boston cop named John Moynihan during a routine traffic stop. Angelo West’s worthless life was extinguished shortly thereafter, and as John Moynihan lay fighting for his life in a coma, Didi Delgado was organizing a mob that went down to the scene of the shooting and tried to fight the police:

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 12.10.26 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 11.14.21 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 11.15.05 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 11.03.26 AM

Anyway, she’s started a bootleg GoFundMe (YouCaring) to pay for a car, a carseat, thousands of dollars in unpaid insurance bills, and new insurance for her child named after her favorite unstable African nation:


But here’s the thing – Didi’s already driving around without car insurance, and was smart enough to post about it on Facebook, where she online panhandled and asked people to pay for a Triple A membership:

And of course she had no shortage of white guilt white women lining up to Venmo her:

I know someone who won’t be having to apologize for being white when she gets to the pearly gates…..

The best part is that Didi is bragging about driving around in other people’s cars, despite being uninsured, which of course is a crime.

Why doesn’t she just pay for it? Well, for starters she’d need an actual job. Ya know, one that pays money and stuff. She just comments on the Internet all day for a living and whines about racism. Check out her Facebook page. Over and over and over again all day she whines about really important things like the need for more dick in her life:

How her stench trench is gold:

Some lovely holiday postings:

Whining about how the flight attendant on her plane (yes, she can afford to fly places) used her “white skinned charisma privilege” to offer her daughter free yogurt leftover from first class:

She also likes to take precious time out of her busy day to check the privilege of white people who try to prove they’re one of the “good ones” by associating themselves with black lives matter:

She complains about how bad Facebook is and started a Change.org petition because Facebook took down a meme she posted which said, “all white people are racist.”

She’s a big advocate for reparations, and thinks that white people owe her money for things that white and black people today were never a part of:

Because these expensive vacations, nice clothing, and fancy drinks aren’t gonna pay for themselves.

But hey, it works. Because there’s never a shortage of white women in America who think that they can buy their way out of white guilt:

According to Didi, helping black woman get money is her full time job, except it doesn’t come with any sort of compensation:

Ya got that? She brought a human being into this world despite not having any sort of reliable income in the future. This is someone who should be taken seriously and is deserving of your charity.

Her “job” is to raise money for black women she doesn’t know by telling white women at the grocery store to pay for black women’s food because of all the extra money they have lying around on their white privilege debit card:

She also lets the world know that when a white guy wins the sexiest man alive award, this is actually just “white people whiting again”:

Totally not racist. I’m sure if someone complained that Denzel won and some Becky complained about “black people blacking again,” that would be received with zero controversy.

For any white girls who are inclined to pull a cultural appropriation and wear dreads on Halloween, she’s here to let you Becky’s (Becky is a totally NON racist term that NON racist people use to generalize all white women) know that she wants to punch you in the face:

And of course for all you white women out there who happen to be in committed relationships with black men, you are also racist:

Remember last month when a Bridgewater teacher became the target of a Shaun King-led online mob because she sent a picture to parents of a Plymouth Plantation reenactment of walking tethers attached to a black student in her classroom, which was misconstrued as a slavery reenactment?

Yea, the mob was loving that until they found out that the black girl volunteered to be in the picture, and kids of all shapes and colors have done the same in the past:


Didi Delgado was one of the people leading the mob, and when she found out the truth she actually doubled down and insisted that it was still racist, and that if it were her daughter she’d go all “Nat Turner” on the teacher:

Just to review, Nat Turner led a slave rebellion in 1831 in which lots of white slave owning assholes were killed. This is what she equates herself to, and she vowed to go to do the same to the teacher:

One of the leaders of that online mob was Monica Canon-Grant:

Monica and Didi are besties, because when you’re talentless slobs whose ability to make money revolves around constantly playing the race card and crying victimhood, you tend to run in the same circles:

Who’s paying for her trips to the hospital? I’m sure her employer’s healthcare is covering it. Oh wait, she doesn’t have an employer. Which means I’m already paying for her healthcare. Question Didi – do I still owe you reparations too? Or is there at least a buy one get one half off reparations deal you can offer me? Perhaps there’s some sort of other way I could pay you…..

Yea, I’d rather just write a check. But thanks anyway.

But the fact of the matter is that if you are a vocal black lives matter “leader” there are never enough white guilt laden SJWs who will throw government grants at you so that you can pay your bills. It’s why she gets speaking gigs at Unitarian churches

Then back the Unitarian Church a month later to speak about the usual, and this time all proceeds would go directly to Didi:

White people in Cambridge are paying money to listen to an unemployed cheesehog lecture them about how racist they are as they nod their heads in agreement. Welcome to the people’s republic of Cambridge.

She was also somehow brought in as a public speaker at Watertown High School:

Ya got that? Watertown High School paid this talentless idiot taxpayer money to force Watertown kids to be brainwashed with her simple minded bullshit. White guilt is one hell of a drug.

Just remember – this is what oppression looks like in America.




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