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Poor Behavior

Unemployed Providence Gamer Uses Twitter Account With 200K Followers To Shame A Local Target Manager For Not Letting Him Steal Tooth Brush 


This is David Leavitt from Providence.

He appears to have contributed absolutely nothing to society whatsoever, and for that he was rewarded with a blue checkmark from Twitter, and has accumulated over 200,000 followers on Twitter and IG.

Today he used his platform to publicly shame a Target manager named Tori (rumored to be the one in North Attleboro) because she wouldn’t let him scam the store out of a tooth brush for $0.01.

Owning the capitalist fat cats by shaming a Target employee, calling the cops over a tooth brush, and telling millions of people that you haven’t been to the dentist in three years. This is what Trump Derangement Syndrome does to people.

Davey saw this:

And thought it applied to the tooth brush. In reality they just have to put a tag on the display item that isn’t actually for sale, and the de facto price they use is $0.01. But it’s not actually on sale for a penny, and anyone with a brain could figure that out. He was just attempting to use a loophole in the law (which he misinterpreted) in order to steal a tooth brush.

This man is the Internet’s #1 villain right now and rightfully so. Most people would delete and retreat or offer a half-baked fake apology until the mob put down their pitch forks and waited for the next kid to get eaten by a pit bull. Not Davey though. He doubled down over and over again.

The funny part is that he tweeted this less than 2 years ago.

When owning Trumpsters at the dentist’s office goes wrong.

This is not a parody either. We’ve written about him a few times before, most memorably in 2017 when minutes after a bomb went off at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester he tweeted this.

He was just waiting to post an Ariana Grande joke that finally hit for years.

Anthony Bourdain and thousands of other people rightfully called him out for being horrible, and Davey got his revenge when Bourdain died the next year by tweeting this.

Not the first time he’s used his verified Twitter account to dox and shame a private citizen who he felt wronged him at a chain store. Like that time a guy at the Hanover Walmart allegedly wouldn’t let him scam them out of a Nintendo.

Or that time the guy who can’t afford to buy a tooth brush or go to the dentist complained that Dunkin Donuts wouldn’t take his money because it was larger than a $20 bill.

And then bragged when they gave him a free gift card after he used his platform to shame them.

He’s trying to do the same with Target.

He also likes to blatantly plagiarize random people’s tweets and pass them off on his own.

And ask for the manager.

The question many many ask is, “why is this horrible troll of no particular significance verified on Twitter?” Simple – he subscribes to orange man bad, so all is forgiven.

As long as you hate Trump you can pretty much get away with anything. We wrote about him over the summer too when he fell for the Erica Thomas race baiting grocery store hoax.

He’s your run of the mill Bernie bro, and is even followed by him on Twitter.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Bernie people are the worst the left has to offer. They’re the people who think Elizabeth Warren is too far to the right because she once had a job. That’s why he tweeted this out immediately after the Target shaming tweet.

Because he knows that whining about paying your bills will get the Bernie bros to forget that he just tried to humiliate and ruin a minimum wage employee for not letting him steal a tooth brush.

Just like all Bernie bros he also appears to be perpetually unemployed. Although he has claimed in his bio that he wrote for CBS.

But they denied that after the Ariana Grande tweet.

I can’t find any of his work on their website or on Yahoo where he also claimed to be a featured contributor.

So what does he do for work then? Well, back in his younger days he was answering phones and dealing with returns at Aaron’s

Then he was a “social media manager.”

Ya got that? The guy who’s famous for writing the dumbest things ever on social media, want you to hire him to run your social media. He’s got so many clients he doesn’t know what to do with them all.

No wonder he can’t afford a tooth brush.

He also sits on his ass and seems to make money playing video games.

This guy a video game nerd?

Never saw that one coming.

He’s a grown ass man who still plays with Magic cards and doesn’t know how the laundry works.

He sells his crap on Facebook, hoping that someone from the legion of virgins will finally be the first person to buy.

He claims to be making bank from places like Hasbro, but conveniently doesn’t show how much they’ve paid him.

And two years ago he started a website that sounds a lot like a pyramid scheme and may not have ever existed.

He pretended to have a girlfriend last year and posted a bunch of pictures of her on IG.

But you’ll notice that she doesn’t have a single picture of him on her IG.

This man has temporarily done the unthinkable tonight – united left and right in an eternal hatred of him. Carpe Donktum, a guy who makes memes and gifs that President Trump retweets a lot, started a GoFundMe for Tori the manager that’s raised over $10,000.

Kind of shady if he doesn’t know who she is, which is almost definitely the case. But since Tori is local I’m betting she’s read Turtleboy before, so Tori, if you’re reading this, I’d love to have you on the live show tomorrow night. Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested!


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