Unemployed Wareham Couple Use Baby Voice To Ask Community To Buy Them Gift Cards For Christmas After Spending All Year Begging And Free Loading 


Every Christmas season we feel it is our duty to warn the community about scammers who prey on people’s good will. The next couple days we have a bunch of these people to expose in the south shore, but feel free to send us more if you have someone that needs to be exposed elsewhere. Today we’re gonna talk about Tiffany Orlando and her husband James from Wareham.

James is a real piece of work who originally came from the Hyannis/Falmouth area, and has a huge display of Google trophies to show for it.

Don’t get the James Orlando’s confused though. Junior is his Dad, who clearly James III is taking after. Whereas Dad got picked up for the class B possession (cocaine), James III is more of a class A guy (heroin/fentanyl). But he’s passed on the family genes of larceny and breaking into homes to feed his habit, and he’s really, really bad at not violating probation.

He once got sent to the town of Gosnold for mandatory rehab.

Gosnold is the smallest town in Massachusetts with a population of about 50. You can only get there by taking a small boat from New Bedford, and the town consists of a bunch of small islands near Martha’s Vineyard, but only one (Cuttyhunk) has people living on it. One of the other islands is a junkie colony where people like James III are sent to when they can’t stay out of trouble.

Neither of them appears to have a job, so they often pretend to be looking for “odd jobs” in a Wareham Facebook group. He’s too good to work at a restaurant, and too valuable to work for what he was getting paid at Savers, so he quit. Basically he needs a place that’s “felon friendly” but pays more than he makes selling home grown weed.

She wants to do elderly care, except she wants to be her own boss, make her own hours, and has no idea how to go about doing this. She also has no experience, references, or transportation.

Shockingly there were no biters, so the two of them started their own “business,” called Orlando Family Services. Basically they offer to do things your 14 year old kid would offer to the neighbors if he needed money for video games.

Who wouldn’t wanna let a guy who kept failing drug tests while he was on probation into their home?

Everything will be fine.

Naturally then the two of them decided that it would be a good idea to reproduce and bring a baby into the world, even though they can’t take care of themselves.

The Wareham Womb Tomb can regularly be found all over the community Facebook groups using the baby as a prop to get free stuff. I’m not talking about some hand me down clothing here and there either. They literally have nothing to provide their baby and asked for basically everything you’d already have months in advance if you were expecting. They also moved into an apartment in Wareham and wanted the community to furnish the entire place for free. Of course if you want to give them a free couch just know that you’ll have to drop it off there because they’re not functional adults who can pick it up themselves.

Now that Christmas is approaching the Wareham Womb Tomb and the Falmouth Fentanyl Ferret are using their raw dog participation trophy as a prop to obtain Christmas gifts. Usually people do this as a way to get people to play Santa for their kid, because they know people don’t wanna see a child go without Christmas gifts.

But these two took a different approach and used the baby to try to solicit gifts for themselves. It began with a post asking for princess dolls and coco melon stuff, but then the baby edited the post and added in that Mom and Dad want gift cards to “buy stuff for themselves.”

What a thoughtful baby!

Then the little poon polyp got more specific and said that Mom and Dad have been struggling with bills (which no one else has ever had to do), and required gift cards to Longhorns Steakhouse, which they believe to be the pinnacle of fine dining.

Because babies LOVE steak!

Here’s an idea – don’t get knocked up by unemployed Cape Cod junkies and then depend on community Facebook groups to pay for your baby’s survival. If you can’t pay to raise your kid then you should do the right thing and give the baby up for adoption. But instead they’re using the baby as a prop to get free stuff for themselves that they won’t report and thus can keep collecting welfare checks. They know that no one will give a shit about helping them because, why would you? And that’s why they’re now using the baby. Let’s hope DCF is involved in their lives, because clearly these two are unfit to parent.


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