Unrestrained Free Range West Warwick Boy Yells Homophobic Slurs At Meathead During Road Rage Incident That Held Up Traffic 


There’s a new bootleg Turtleboy website out of Rhode Island that I won’t link to because it’s so shitty, that allows users to submit videos and content anonymously smearing other people without much evidence. One of their submissions came from a man in West Warwick who submitted a 5 minute road rage video with the following explanation:

LGBTQ doesn’t practice what they preach. Buncha fucking hypocrites. Look at this gay ex fat ass who thinks hes a billy badass cuz he pumped some iron at the gym. I’m so sick of these people literally crying like bitches when people call em out for their queer ways, but then turn around and do the exact same shit to others. Fuck this wannabe meathead, I was PRAYING when he sped off going 110MPH that i’d find him a mile up with his girl car wrapped around a telephone pole

The man who submitted the video is driving on a busy two lane road, sitting at a red light. In the lane next to him his friend and his unrestrained young child were behind a vehicle where a man gets out and confronts them. The exchange pleasantries when the cameraman’s friend yells “Bri record him,” and the child, who isn’t wearing a seatbelt while riding shotgun, gets out of the car and calls the other man a “faggot.” In fairness, the other guy is clearly a meathead and called the kid fat right before. Meanwhile there is a line of cars behind them that can’t move because the meathead and the cameraman remain in place when the light turns green. Just watch this spectacular display of white trashdom.

Meathead: “You got a fat f***ing kid.”

Kid: “F*** you! F*** you faggot! Shut the f*** up!”

Well, that little semen demon is clearly born and raised in West Warwick. His father’s explanation kind of says it all about the way the kid was raised:

“He was break checking me and I almost put him through a windshield.”

Ya know what’s a great way to keep your kid from going through the windshield? Putting them in the backseat, or making them wear a seatbelt. Instead we got this free range crotch fruit jumping out of the car and writing a check his mouth can’t cash. You also wouldn’t be getting brake checked if you weren’t tailgating.

Don’t get me wrong, the meathead is equally as horrible for getting out of his car and acting like a hardo without pulling any punches. It was just 3 horrible people who found each other at the same time in the same place, and this is what happened.

The cameraman is obviously a guttermuppet himself, since this was the his takeaway to his friend:

Bri: “Sean, he shouldn’t have said what he said, calling big boy fat. Yea, he said you have a fat kid.”

Sean: “I didn’t hear that.”

Bri: “Why do you think big boy started saying the f word.”

If you refer to your friend’s 6 year old child as “big boy,” and rationalize the child calling a man a faggot during a road rage incident because the guy called the kid fat, then that pretty much tells me everything I need to know about you.

After that they both just sat in traffic as the light turned green and the cameraman said, “what is he doing?” As if he didn’t have the ability to drive away himself. It wasn’t enough for meathead to clog up one lane, the cameraman had to do his part and make sure that no one was allowed to get where they were going in either lane.

Finally meathead’s car took off, and in classic white trash style they started driving over 60 mph, weaving in and out of traffic with one hand while filming with his phone in the other, in order to see who the biggest dickhead in Rhode Island was on that particular Monday.

Anyway, it’s hard to tell who the biggest villain is in all this, but it’s actually really tragic that some kids have to grow up this way. We’d like to know their names though for a possible followup blog. Email [email protected], or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook if you’d like to help us identify them.


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