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Unsuccessful Fitchburg City Council Candidate And Convicted Britney Spears Stalker Accuses Turtleboy Of Not Paying Her Promised Gifts For 2017 Interview About Stolen Goldfish


A few years back we published a blog about a Fitchburg woman named Miranda Tozier-Robbins after she:

  • Was found guilty of stalking Britney Spears
  • Tried out for America Idol and begged Paula Abdul to send her to Hollywood
  • Got arrested for violating a restraining order against another homeless woman she was scissoring
  • Published a book she wrote about stalking Britney, claiming to have been conducting a documentary on her property without her permission
  • Selling bags full of stolen goldfish for $5, which she for some reason had in an ice box, and was desperate to get rid of since they were “dying by the handful”

She recently ran for Fitchburg City Council.

It did not go as planned.

I don’t know who Kangsen is, but losing to the homeless Britney Spears goldfish lady by 31 votes is a tough pill to swallow.


Miranda had already conceded defeat and announced she was moving to Leominster or Worcester prior to the results being announced.

Worcester – where homeless Fitchburg rejects go when they’re looking for a place that will accept them. I’m just thankful she skipped right over Holden.

Within hours she announced that she was running for higher office.

Isn’t that just swell.

Anyway, she decided today that she was going to go on the Discussing Fitchburg Now Facebook group and attack me four years after the blog was written, accusing me of not paying her for an interview I allegedly conducted with her.

Sir, I don’t recall ever interviewing you, although I would’ve loved to have you on the Live Show and you are still welcomed. Your gift basket is in the mail, and I will credit you $20 in the Turtleboy Store. However, I would ask that you apologize for deforming my character by lying about a recorded response in which I allegedly told you that I wasn’t giving you your gifts because no one liked your interview. You have until midnight, at which point I will be retaining Attorney Richard N. Vulva, who will be taking you to pound town in civil court.

She also blasted me for the blog, alleged that I deformed her character in a blog about “me and some goldfish,” and posted “Spears junk” on her post.

Let’s not go there please.

Many wanted to see this interview, as did I since I have no recollection of it ever happening.

Sad to see that Hacksaw Jim Buttpluggin here isn’t a fan of Turtleboy.

Others wanted to know what the gifts were that I offered, but she remained tight lipped.

Ya know, I was really going to contribute to her campaign because I believe that she’s actually less insane than several current members of the House, and she’d fit right in as a delightful and entertaining addition to The Squad, but after having my character deformed in such a manner I’m going to donate to Kevin Lynch instead. At least he didn’t ask for compensation for being interviewed!



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