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Upton Man Steals Steals Ex-Girlfriend’s Baby’s Ashes, Holds Them Hostage Until She Agrees To Drop Domestic Violence Charges 


This is Brandon Coldwell from Upton.

He is a perpetually unemployed loser who’s been arrested for robbing banks not once, but twice, and was suspected in several other robberies.

Police said Coldwell is also a suspect in bank robberies in Brookline and Milton, and possibly Boston, and Framingham Police said he would be facing charges in all of those communities.

He was dating a woman in Northborough named Barbara “Basia” Sullivan for a few months who was apparently unaware of his past and ended up dumping him. Just for the sake of transparency, she was a student at Shepherd Hill when I was teaching there almost 15 years ago, and I had not heard from her since. This is a lesson in always Googling before dating, something that wasn’t taught in school.

After getting dumped Brandon was heart broken, and many can relate. But instead of just moving on with his life like a normal human being and finding a woman he was more compatible with, Brandon decided to physically abuse her, steal her dead baby’s ashes, and is now holding them hostage until she agrees to drop the charges against him for domestic violence.

Here’s Basia’s side of the story:

My son sadly passed away during a complicated birth a little over a year ago which was obviously awful for me. I had him cremated and put into a tiny cute box. It’s been a rough year to say the least. Anyways a few weeks ago I decided to leave a very VERY abusive relationship and after my ex literally attempted to choke me to to death he took my sons ashes. It’s been over two weeks and he has refused to return them. I have a restraining order and open case which I reported the box stolen. There has been no progress and I STILL don’t have my son.

She produced the restraining order and the police report. Basia, like many other women before her, was stuck in the cycle of an abusive relationship they were afraid to leave.

He had gotten EXTREMELY physically abusive. On Valentine’s Day actually he come over and of course it was just a fight. Usually when he corners me I know what’s going to happen so the second I was able to get to the door (after 6 hours) which he is being charged kidnapping for I literally ran out to the lobby and called the police. While I was waiting in the lobby behind the desk he was calling saying if I didn’t come upstairs he was going to take him. I didn’t actually think he would but when the police came and we went up he did actually take my son along with my wallet, all my cash and small other things. He’s used him since to basically taunt me. He told a mutual friend a few days ago if I could prove I dropped the charges he would return him. The detective on my case was firm about not meeting with him. I want my son back but I also want him to pay for what he’s done. I chose to finally leave him after multiple times of being so severely beaten I was hospitalized. 

REFUSE to drop the charges against him because I think he does deserve jail time. He’s dangerous and I truly believe the next woman he’s with he will kill. On one occasion we fought so bad he made me take all my clothes off and get in a hot shower which literally burned me and the police were called by a neighbor and they actually broke the door (reasonable cause) because they could here him yelling “I’ll fucking kill you” that’s when I left. Everything that followed has been HORRIBLE. He did everything he could to just make my life difficult simply because I no longer wanted to be with him. I know I should have left sooner, I should have known better and I won’t make any excuses it’s just been a really rough year and I guess I’ve been weak. He has multiple warrants and although the police are doing their best there’s been no luck finding him. It’s like he’s fallen off the map, obviously he has to have help, because where is he staying? 

Here’s a text message Brandon sent threatening to kill Basia (put her in a box).

Last time she heard from him he said he was taking the ashes to Miami.

Awwww, she let him alone. Do you feel lonely Brandon? Are you sad? That’s a shame. Sorry dude, but the market for unemployed beta males in skinny jeans just isn’t what it used to be. 

You can’t be a hardo if you wear tapered skinny jeans. You just can’t. It’s why people like this beat women and rob banks with notes instead of guns. Because at the end of the day they’re really just cowards.

Turns out abusing women will generally make you less attractive to hem. But just like all narcissists and abusers, Brandon found a way to blame the victim for her actions. Nothing is ever the fault of a narcissistic abuser. Ever. 

In his mind this is somehow tit for tat.

“We even.”

You got dumped.

She was abused and had her dead baby’s ashes stolen.

These things are only equal in the mind of a demented sociopath who deserves to be locked in a jail cell for eternity.

What he’s attempting to do now is extortion. He stole the most valuable things she has – the only physical memory of her child, who she never got to meet. He knows how much she wants it back, and he’s holding onto them in order to get her to drop the charges against him. Unfortunately for him she’s not falling for that and isn’t backing down.

He’s not alone though, a woman named Yonisa Feliz is now participating in his crime.

“He’s going to ship me the ashes once he reaches his destination as long as you drop the charges.”

Congratulations dumbass, you just made yourself an accomplice.

Brandon is not in Florida according to Basha, based on his recent postings on Instagram.

He is NOT in Florida that I know of. He uploaded a post on IG the video I sent with the guns and that is a studio in Boston that I have been to. I sent the video to the detective which is how Boston police got involved. I haven’t seen him since Valentine’s Day. 

This was posted February 17, as was the video of him with the gun.

The police are actively looking for Brandon Coldwell, but if you have any idea where he is at please alert Boston or Northborough Police, and feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook.


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